Okay. So I've got this book on programming C, and another one on C++.

I'm getting the material fine, but I lack a compiler. I don't really know where to get one. Furthermore, it has to meet some bizarre specifications. One of which being that it doesn't require installation. I just want a simple .exe file that can take a .txt file and turn it into another .exe. Is this something that can be done easily? I just need a link...

I mean, if there aren't any compilers that can be run without installation, I could work with that... couldn't use it at school but whatever. But I do need a C compiler...

Edit: I neglected to mention that I'd like it to be as basic and small as possible; also, meeting ANSI is nice, but I don't really care. As long as it's simple and doesn't require installation, anything's fine.
You also neglected to not double-post, which makes more work for me to copy, delete, edit, paste, submit.

If you have a linux LiveCD, you can boot it and use gcc/g++...
No, no such compiler exists. Compilers are very complex beasts, and since you are on Windows, you also need development libraries.

Your best bet is going to be Dev-Cpp. It is a free IDE + Compiler (MingW): http://www.bloodshed.net/dev/devcpp.html

Once installed you could try copying its directory to a USB drive or something, it *might* work still.


I've been trying to get a compiler online for some time now...

God, this school has the most back-asswards filters in the history of mankind. "Page filtered under category Information Technology"?


And then, when I finally get an installer for a compiler, it tells me DURF HURF THE ADMINISTRATOR HAS DISALLOWED THIS ACTION HURRRRR.

I guess I'm going to have to get this to work at home..
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