So, I'm just wondering. What kind of music are all of you into? I'll give some examples for myself:

Genres: Many; dance, techno, some hiphop, some rock, some pop, and some others. Mainly, I dislike country, western, and hard rock and stuff.

Favorite Artist: Basshunter

Why I like techno: I'm Russian, and I grew up with it, and it stuck.

So, how about you guys?

*not* hip-hop/rap/anything with unintelligible lyrics
Parody mainly weird al.
elfprince13 wrote:

*not* hip-hop/rap/anything with unintelligible lyrics

when i said some hiphop, it was because of the beats, and not the lyrics. I completely agree about teh part of unintelligible lyrics. For example, and this is complete spontaneous "hiphopin": Slap my ho, slap my ho, i get my money and slap my ho.

Err, not the smartest of musicians.
Blech! No hiphop for me. I mean, I get why peple like it for the powerful beat, but that's just not for me. (Too much bass seems to makes me feel ill, as a matter of fact.)

Personally, I listen to Rock in the Puck spectrum, although the specific definition of that is pretty bread, in that many people dispute just what Punk is these days.

Basically, I listen to music if I like how it sounds, and most of the bands that I like would call at least some of their songs punk.

Stuff like System of a Down, you know.
Rock (+most variants)

NOT Rap or Country - absolutely terrible music
I'm with Kllrnohj here on Rap and Country music. I currently like some classical and oldies, techno (dance, not house or trance), and of course lots of symphonic rock like Dream Theater, Kamelot, Sonata Arctica, etc.
Dance, House, Trance, Orcchestra/Classical, Electronica, Rock, Alternative.

As for artists...
Enigma, Sleepthief, t.A.T.u, 30H!3, Angels & Airwaves, Imogen Heap, B.T.
tATu is pretty good, but I only like one song from Imogen Heap.
I myself prefer Rock music, from Punk Rock to Heavy Metal and from Pop/Rock to Folk. Some Electro too.

Why I like techno: I'm Russian, and I grew up with it, and it stuck.

I'm Russian too, but I don't like techno much. ;P
Basshunter is the worst "artist" ever.
allynfolksjr wrote:
Basshunter is the worst "artist" ever.

Howso? I like his music. Plus, I would bet all the money I possess that 9 out of 10 people you survey would find somebody way worse than him (not that I'm saying he's bad).
I fully agree with the t.A.t.U. reasoning.

As for my tastes, I like ska, punk, some hardcore, nerdcore hiphop, classic rock/metal, and dance/techno. I like rap when I go out dancing, but never just listen to it.
Swoll_Monkey wrote:
Kllrnohj wrote:
Swoll_Monkey wrote:
T.a.t.u. as in the lesbians?

Why do you think he likes them? There music is just OK, the rest of their "performance" is great Wink

0x5. I only like the russian versions of their songs because they fit better.

Lawl. They're actually not lesbians, and they're sound is very catchy. I do prefer the Russian versions better, but listen to the English so I can understand what they say.
Oh, I disagree with Nikky here about BassHunter, by the way. His quality is very inconsistent, but the good ones are excellent imo,.
Bumpity bump. It's been a long time since we've held a discussion about favorite musical genres / groups / songs, so I'd like to get this going again, especially to hear the opinions of the newer members. My hypothesis is that as a rule we all tend towards rhythmic music like techno/dance and symphonic rock/metal, which are my two favorites. Validate my hypothesis.
I prefer to listen to rock, including classic and anything new. Techno although i haven't listened to any good techno songs in awhile. I don't mind country, though i will not go out of my way to buy a CD or listen to it. Rap/ hip-hop is also one of my favorite, even though everyone here seems to hate it lol. I like listening to it, and between that and rock helps work go by faster and calms me down after a bad day.
When I read the title of this post, I was really hoping this was going to be a music theory discussion. Sad
Anyway, I suppose I'll weigh in. There is at least one album from every major western genre (for the sake of this argument, these are what I call the major genres: Electronic, Folk, Gospel, Hip Hop/Rap, Jazz, Orchestral/Classical, Rock, and Show Tunes; almost all western music can be distilled to some intersection of these categories), and a good deal of "eastern" (like Gamelan, etc.) music on my computer. I mainly listen to rock (the kind that most people mistakenly call emo). My favorite bands are Brand New and Taking Back Sunday, so those are pretty good indicators of what I mostly listen to. I've also got a lot of music by Manchester Orchestra, Iron & Wine, Chopin, Brahms, Dr. Dre, Bright Eyes, Daft Punk, Modest Mouse, Johnny Cash, The Decemberists, the list goes on and on.
I just like music. And I really like music theory.
I've moved more towards hard & jumpstyle now; Zany & Showtek. I also have a few continuous mixes by "various" artists. Some "softer" jumpstyle artists include Scooter, Manian & ItaloBrothers.

Other genres are like an Alternative-Alternative. It's Dance, Alternative, Screamo. And it's a good mix when you listen to the right songs. The song isn't entirely screamo - I could never put up with that - but rather it's in the background (and sometimes in the foreground) of the song as the other lyrics are being sung. A good modern day band of this genre is Breath Carolina.

Non-Hard & Jumpstyle artists include Hollywood Undead, Breath Carolina, Dream Techno.

And I still like: BT & Angels & Airwaves.
I like (mostly English) Classic Rock, J-Rock, and J-Pop.
Mainly, I'm one of those people who likes individual songs or artists. Sometimes I like an artist for one song. Sometimes I like a genre for one artist. So, that doesn't mean the aforementioned genres are the only genres I like. `-`

Favorite bands/artists are JAM Project, The Who, and Rick Astley (no lie there Razz)
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