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Thats what it ended up being at least. It was originally my little Facility but everyone said it reminded them of HL2. It reminded me of it as well but I wasn't sure about anyone else ^^,

Basically, this is my Half-Life Facility. Its a HUGE puzzle. Basically everything is tied to itself. You first go through the front door and it closes behind you. To your left is a glass window and behind it is a button to open your door back up to get out Smile

I'm planning on having around 3-4, possibly 5, parts to this build. I might as well make it a map since its so huge and basically is a map in itself.

Its pretty cool though. The iGob features many different things like confusing puzzles, "rides" (a couple of different things you just sit there and let happen, like the rail-car Razz ), sewer wondering, "mysterious" floating stairs, and much more Razz

This iGob (might become a map instead) is in development so you can check it out on my TOB server (until TBG is released) until I finish it. Whenever I am not in there I gob it and "delete after save". So it won't be viewable unless I'm in there.

Here are some screenshots for those who are interested in checking it out Very Happy

Hope you guys enjoy those Very Happy

You can download the full screenshot package here:
Arrow The Facility.zip - Contains ~40 Screenshots

Those are screenshots for Part 1 of this huge project. I'll most more info on it when I have it Very Happy

I'm building it off of my BL-Ocean map.

(which I need someone to look at because people are reporting grey patches on the water... I'm not seeing it unless I open a server parallel to my dedicated server on a different port)
Interesting, looks like you had a bit of Orange Box inspiration there. Smile I look forward to playing the completed version of this map.
Hehe. I actually just start throwing large bricks around (things like 32x32x64 XD) and then started making corridors. I thought up a cool idea after I had the first hallway done to make it a small puzzle where you had to get on the other side of the window to get back through the entrance and it slowly developed until I added the rail-car and stuff like that and it pretty much turned into this out of nothing ^^,

Part 2 and up are inspired by the Orange Box though ^^,

This is going to be a very large map and possibly wont be able to be ran on many peoples computers (virtually no lag on my comp, but eh...) until the TBG release (which will hopefully support it).

Part 1 and the very starting of Part 2 (huge, but still only the starting XD) combined is only about 600-700 bricks. But multiply that by 5 and you get the final result's brick count (possibly more, possibly less) Razz

So yeah. Big project. I started working on it a couple days ago and have had fun working on it ever since ^^,

I must give credit to Elrunethe2nd on some of the things he built for Part 2 though. (lol, heres a little teaser to what Part 2 is... XD) He built all of the rafters in the tower along with an attic type area and some of the cool windows up there (except for the center one you see when you first get up the elevator shaft... that one is mine Very Happy )

I have a couple of screenshots of what the start of part 2 looks like but I'd rather not spoil it Smile
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