Hello guys,
I'm creating a site and I made a logo for it. please comment this logo. what could I change?
-snipped awful logo-
I hate to say it, but when I see it all I think of is Firefox + Safari. Perhaps taking out the fox entirely, and add something like a platapus?
If I look at it now, it doesn't look really good. Sad

EDIT: new logo,
I like that one! If that should be a fox like in the one above...well, I thought first of a sperm cell! Very Happy
oops haha! Yeah, I like this one much more than the one before xD
I like it (though I still don't like foxes). Razz Nice work!
Ok, made a thing for placing on top of mah site
I like it! Btw, what shall FoxAxis do?
You mean, what it means or what the site is for?
What the website is for
It is for showcasing my creations.
Made a calc version:
Why a fox at all, though? It feels quite derivative of Firefox, to be honest, and the circle-fox logo, even though now different than the Firefox logo and in fact quite attractive, is still similar enough to inspire plenty of comparisons.
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