How would i assemble an asm program using brass? I have installed mono and ran brass, but i got tons of errors come assembly time. Because of the errors i downloaded and tried that switch with brass but still received a lot of errors. I have so many errors i had to write the output to a file because it was 1mb of data. The link of for the errors is located here. If it helps any this is the code that i tried to assemble.


#include ""
#define ProgStart $9d95
.org ProgStart - 2
.db t2ByteTok, tAsmCmp
   ld hl, 0
   ld (pencol), hl
   ld hl,msg
   .db "Hello world!", 0
After doing some searching on other calculator sites i have finally found a solution to this problem. There was a topic on maxcoderz titled tiasm under linux and had the solutions. Very Happy
Did you have the include file with the weird characters or something? What was the problem?
I don't even really know. Timendus had a folder to download with a script to compile it, and all of the includes that i would possibly need.
good thing you solved it though.

compiler/assembler errors/problems are my least favorite when it comes to programming x.x
Based on that, I'd guess you weren't using the command line switch to specify the z80 processor (I think it's -80 or something along those lines). Preconfigured batch scripts are always easier. Razz
Well i am having trouble getting bcalls to work, but timendus's api has pretty much everything i need, and the compile scripts are set up to work with it anyway.
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