Calc Buffoon wrote:
oh, dang. How would I go about doing write-back to the level (in archive, if I'm correct writing to it in RAM would be done then and there)
That's correct, since you'd be looking at the level itself. For manual writeback you'd want to first compare the RAM copy to the ROM copy and not bother doing anything if they're the same. If they're not, writeback is fairly complex. If I were you, I'd just use the DCS associated file system. Cool
i think he needs the writeback so he can write an on-calc level editor.

do you have this already? I know people always tell you not to use bcalls and bcalls are bad and slow, but for a lot of system related stuff, bcalls are useful and can save space. this file is basically a list of all routines available for the 83+

there are a couple of other handy docs too if I can find them x.x
@KermMartian: I've never really used DCS (no offense, it's really good), and I'm really planning that this program be Ion and MOS compatible, making it available to more people. I could create a version for DCS that uses your associated file system.
@liazon: yeah, got I've got that file (very useful reference).
I figured that if I'm able to find the name of the actual level program, I'll be able to use chkfindsym and then un-archive it that way. would that work? if so, how would I be able to find the actual name of the level program from the VAT?
You could indeed; unarchive, modify, then rearchive. And yes, if you look at the structure of the VAT, the filename is written from high to low memory. IF I remember correctly, the structure is something like this:

Byte from start --> Function
-0 --> Type [T] ($05 = program, $06 = protected program)
-1 --> Version [V]
-2 --> Type 2 [T2]
-3 --> Page
-4 --> Data address high [DAH]
-5 --> Data address low [DAL]
-6 --> Name length in bytes (NL)
-7 through -7-NL --> Name
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