can you delete all the empty topics?
I'd rather not, so we4 can see the stuff we have discussed.
well then can you make another section called OLD or something and throw it all in there? its annoying clicking on a thread (especially stickies) only to find they are empty Mad
I am going to lock all topics that are empty in my area, so that may help a little.
good idea... i may as well do that too...
well at least its SOME sort of sign that its a bad thread, i guess its a start Neutral
Yeah, that's is a good idea. I can always edit the databaseto make broken threads show up with a severed link icon in front of the name...
...or manually put in at least one post per topic so that other users can post in it...or make new topics with the same name.
Can'tdo the same name, but simmilar.
You can do the same name; look at the Blockland topics.
Yeah, they're identified by topic ID number, not topic title, so duplicates are possible.
Ok, MAybe I dilusional again.
Laughing Don't worry, it happens to all of us. Perhaps you're thinking of TI-83+ filenames? Very Happy
or filenames in general (I consider identical filenames with the same 3digit extension Pong.8xp and Pong.83p are too difrent fileanames to me.
Ah, yeah, I have that problem too. Smile
That is why I have my computer show file extensions, that, and one way around the block of exe's is to change the extension to something else.
I have a problem with Linux not using extensions too often; in a shell, you can't tell if it's a file or a directory!!!
well, I don't have a shell so I wouldn't know. I did have one, but the server got hacked shortly after I joined, so all acounts were deleated and they won't acccept me now. Never had the chance to use it. Thankfully it was a free shell, so I wasn't out any money.
That's a relief. Did you ever try to reinstall it?
Ultimate Dev'r wrote:
I have a problem with Linux not using extensions too often; in a shell, you can't tell if it's a file or a directory!!!

it would also help if linux ppl USED file extensions at all. Most of the README's and INSTALL text files have no extension, lol, so i believe linux determines the file type based on whats in the file, and teh extension gets ignored (even if its there)

course, you could always do "ls -F" which adds a '/' to the end of directory's Rolling Eyes (and a ' * ' by executables)
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