Why are Cemetech avatars limited to 80 by 80 pixels?

IMHO, I think Cemetech should allow all users 100X100 pixel avatars. Why? It's getting harder to make/find good avatars because all the good ones are at least 100X100. At least for me it is.

C'mon Kerm, please? Sad
So resize it... I mean, even Microsoft Paint can resize an avatar...
Some avatars just don't work like that. Besides, what's the worst that could happen if Kerm ups the max size?

The avatar I want is NOT going to resize to 80X80 regardless what I do.
Well, does mine look like it's 80x80?

I have the same limit you do...

Just host it on a photobucket account, and you can use it here...
I don't want a photobucket account. Besides, why is it so hard/bad/[insert excuse here] to just have Kerm up the max size?
email me the avatar, I'll put it on my photobucket for you...
Eh...I'll just make my own account then....which link thing do I use in the edit profile? The Off-site or Url upload? What's the diff anyway?
"Link to off-site Avatar:
Enter the URL of the location containing the Avatar image you wish to link to."

Use that one.
Photobucket is the only one that works?
No, of course not. That's just what I use... photobucket, imageshack... really, any hosting without hotlink protection is suitable...
Ah...now ya tell me...^^;;;
Yah....just delete this thread now.... ^^;;;;

why? Give me a valid reason.
Because it's a HUGE "Image not found" picture...

It might show for you, but for the rest of us, it doesn't... freewebs probably doesn't allow hotlinking or something...
okay...gonna photobucket it then. Sry! Uh...do it laterz. /me go acquire foodage now.
KeithJohansen wrote:
The avatar I want is NOT going to resize to 80X80 regardless what I do.

Sure it will. There is no such thing as a non-resize-able picture Rolling Eyes.
Does my avi show now? This issue is solved
Oh, how terribly difficult that was!
.... Look, my net connection wouldn't let me access photobucket for a while, k?
Don't blame the internet... It's not like computers have a brain. In fact, computers (in their natural state) are incapable of error... All errors are caused by the humans who design/use them. Therefore, it must be user error.
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