OK, I'm going to be bored over the summer, so I am thinking of making a "Fire Emblem" clone. What it would be is a turn based movement system and a turn based battle system. The thing is the amount of code that will be needed will probably be massive, but since I'm starting from the battle system, I hope I will be able to make it work correctly.

Current parts already in:
~2 names
~5 weapons, all of them show on the screen at the appropriate place
~2 row maximum of HP, with 2 rows its 2 pixels per HP bar, 3 pixels per HP bar with only 1 row.
~Basic battle system visuals created. Since it only is about 2 turns per battle, I should be fine with just running the Battle System program multiples times... but that will put a lot of strain on it. I got to make it perfect to make sure that it will be perfect under any circumstance

Work History:
Thursday March 31, 2007

~Basic coding started
~Decided how to use the information that was needed for the battle system
~Need all the formulas, going to probably research them tonight. I know most are out there; just the EXP will be my own
~Made it able to have each character in battle have a maximum of 70 HP, 35 HP per line.

Suggestions, comments, criticism and anything else is much appreciated.
What all will you include class-wise? Will characters promote one time or multiple times?
One time promotions might be possible, but I will work on that when it comes to it. And I will get to many classes I deam neccessary, like Lords, Theifs, and Archers ands mages.. maybe something will be evetually implemeted after the movement and battle system. I'll work on it when I get to it.
If you plan on doing a full version with all promotions and trees and such, and also many extra aspects of the game, it would have to be in ASM. I think you will do as much as you can in basic and it will be an a+ game, but if you learn ASM, then try it in that!
Full direct clone= no. I will basically be creating an engine on which maps are playable. I shall then work on the maps after the main engine is complete and try to make a campaign or two. I will probably even add in a SDK guide so that other people can make their own Maps and campaigns. But you must note at the moment it is currently a very young thing, so better to ask questions now when i am in the "planning period" then later.
OK, I've gotten pretty far with the basic layout of the engine, now all I need is the formulas. If anybody can find any formulas at all, that would be greatly appreciated. And I hope some sort of a release of the battle engine or something will come out soon!
What the heck is wrong with all of you and this Fire Emblem thing? Very Happy
Good luck with this; sounds like a fun project.
Angel14995 wrote:
OK, I've gotten pretty far with the basic layout of the engine, now all I need is the formulas. If anybody can find any formulas at all, that would be greatly appreciated. And I hope some sort of a release of the battle engine or something will come out soon!

Workin' on it (kind of). Maybe I can find a pettern by playing the game? IDK, let me search around.
KermMartian wrote:
What the heck is wrong with all of you and this Fire Emblem thing? Very Happy
Good luck with this; sounds like a fun project.

I just recently learned about the awesomeness of the Fire Emblem series. After playing it, and becoming addicted for many hours, I wanted to make a clone so that people could play with a basic idea of how FE works, and I needed something to do over the summer that was thought intensive.
Which Fire Emblem? They changed from game to game.
Well.. I've been playing the initial American GBA release one the most so basically that one. Its not going to be an exact clone, maybe only a maximum of 10 chracters on the screen total... but.... gotta figure this out so that it doesn't take up to much ram but is still fun...
I found the formulas! Actually, someone on Neoseeker posted a link to their site which has many of the formulas that I will implement into the game. A link to the site is here.[/quote]
I never have acctually played Fire Emblem, but this sounds like a great game. Good luck working on it.
I can give you a link to a FE ROM along with a GBA emulator if you want to try it out. But I'm not sure about the legal matters.
oh where can I get one. Smile
I have an emulator and a link where they have Fire Emblem (forgot which one) but I just haven't felt like downloading it yet... possibly because of the legal reasons... Evil or Very Mad
I think Roms are only legal if you have the actual game, the physical cartridge. If you don't have the cartridge, then you have to delete the ROM after 24 hours. I don't know if this is 100% correct, but that's how I work with ROMs. I only use ROMs of games I have, that way, it isn't illegal... I think.

[EDIT] Hehe... Clicky!
[ot]When should be the best time to see my therapist? Armageddon and say "I told you so!" or after the political system of the American government crumbles and still say "I told you so!"?[/ot]
Yeah same for me, I don't have any roms of games I don't have. But come on, it's not like I'm going to get arr...*Rax gets knocked out from behind and dragged to jail*
Nintendo game manuals" wrote:
WARNING:Copying of any Nintendo game is illegal and is strictly prohibited by domestic and international copyright laws. "Back-up" or "archival" copies are not authorized and are not necessary to protect your software. Violators will be prosecuted.

FE is not made by Nintendo, only the platform. (I think, please confirm)

Unofficial legal doc wrote:
As owner of a software product, you are allowed to make up to 10 copies of your software and give it to someone as a "gift" to someone. You can distribute that many as long as the total purchase cost (the cost of the software when you bought it in the store,) of the duplicated software does not go over $1000. So, if you bought Zelda 64 for $85 and you have a ROM copying device, you can legally give that game to 10 friends. LEGALLY. (85 * 10 = 850 < 1,000)

And check this out, you can repeat this cycle every 180 days that you own the product. So, does that mean that if you bough Super Mario 3 10 years ago means you can give it to 200 "friends" on the web? No. You can only give ten copies of it every 180 days, assuming, of course that the total cost of the duplicated software does not go over $1000. (The game would of have to cost have cost over $99.99)

Let's assume that even though there are thousands of clicks on the link that I might give does not necessarily mean every single person downloaded it, or that the rate at which the downloads are is 200/180 days. This could still work, depending on the price we don't know.

cont'd wrote:
Is emulation legal? I haven't read enough legal mumbo-jumbo to conform or deny any side on this issue, nor do I have the time to do so. Sad Hopefully, my work will inspire someone else to research this info to the end.

And thus, whoever posted the link, I think Angel, was just bored.

TheStorm wrote:
oh where can I get one. Smile

Make sure you have a popup blocker--gbxemu needs funding.

I haven't tested the ROM, nor opened VBA in a long time. I'm pretty sure you goto File->Open-><find your ROM>->double-click it->start playing

GBA button/keyboard counterpart
Start/Enter (or Return)
That copy for friends thing every 180 days is completely wrong. You are only legally allowed to make PERSONAL backups, and only then for as long as you own the original. The DMCA says you can't bypass any sort of DRM/encryption to create the backup, but a 1:1 backup doesn't, so that isn't a problem (by 1:1 I mean you are simply creating a mirror of the data, including any DRM schemes it may have in place). Of course, if you sell the original, you MUST destroy any backups IMMEDIATELY (no 24 hour time period - not sure where you got that). Now here's the tricky part - you are only allowed to make the backup YOURSELF, meaning that if you download ANY ROM it is illegal - regardless of whether or not you own the original, as you didn't make the backup yourself.
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