What type?
 28%  [ 7 ]
2D Shooter
 12%  [ 3 ]
3D Shooter
 4%  [ 1 ]
 8%  [ 2 ]
 4%  [ 1 ]
 28%  [ 7 ]
Other (Describe below)
 16%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 25

Would a due date of midnight, July 31st, 2007 work for everyone? That would give exactly two months for you to write and perfect your entries.
July 31st...Hmm....

/me looks at calender

That should be plenty of time. It is summer, so I pretty much can work on it anytime I want to. (It's not a very busy summer).

Too bad I started Metroid Pi already...
I'll go for it. I will write up a post later today for the official announcement.
Sweet deal. I'll make sure it gets posted to frontpage news.
W00t! I found another 83+ in the trash! I'm back in. Very Happy
Can I use Project M as my entry? I started it less than a week ago (what a coincidence, it's a platformer Very Happy).
So if I made a Fire Emblem clone, would that be able to be entered? Or could I do like a FE based game and make it my own?
I have a good idea for mine... starting now. My platformer will be the first of its kind in BASIC.
Dang, I was hoping for arcade well I don't think I have any thoughts for a good platformer but if anyone wants help I'm here.
You don't need to add much for a good platformer. Just:
1. Jumping with acceleration and max velocity
2. Items to get
3. Sidescrolling (by the screen if in BASIC)
4. Obstacles and enemies
5. Either:
---a. A weapon or something
---b. Jumping as your attack (Mario or Sonic)
6. Bosses
7. A very loose time limit
8. Puzzly aspects

A few of those 8 will yield a good platformer, especially on a calc.
Hm, my idea has next to none of those =P mostly just 1 and 2 and 4.
I can't decide if I shall enter in pure basic or pure ASM...

I won't stand a chance against calc84maniac in ASM, but otherwise, there may not be any competition.

Also, I have very limited time, because I am going to Awesome Math Camp in Texas and would thus have to submit my entry very early.

No idea what I will do in either basic, or ASM, however.
[inadvertent double post]
If we're allowing assembly entries, I think we need some additional guidelines: maybe 'you must use freely available routines or write them yourself' and 'games must be Ion-compatible'. The bit about Ion is rather arbitrary; you may want to do 'games must be DCS-compatible'.

If I get any sort of great idea for a platformer, I might enter an assembly game, but that's unlikely.
Well, as far as my calc goes, the one that I found in the garbage had a broken 1/4 (bottem left corner). So, I've been trying to transplant the good screen of my recently broken calc to the new one with a bad screen. It's coming ok so far; there's power on the screen (fully shaded). Let's see if I can make it work... If it does, my entry will be ASM as well. I'm really coming along with and can do good things.
Lets just say I'm here to help anyone how asks because I know with all this competition I would lose greatly.
Give it a shot. Lightning was pretty fun.

I'll probably do Basic, because I have absolutely no clue how to do a platformer in ASM.
IF I come up with an idea then I'll do it but It'll have to wait till after my parents decide to unground me from the computer. hmm I have an Idea but it may not be considered a platformer oh well I'll do it any way.
I'm just debating whether or not I should do something like Zoith, or something closer to Contra...
Well my idea won't work so I'm out for now.
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