What type?
 28%  [ 7 ]
2D Shooter
 12%  [ 3 ]
3D Shooter
 4%  [ 1 ]
 8%  [ 2 ]
 4%  [ 1 ]
 28%  [ 7 ]
Other (Describe below)
 16%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 25

Take out a battery and hold DEL while putting it back in.
We did already do a puzzle contest (Sudoku), so you can't really expect it to be a huge hit.

@haveacalc: just follow the standard reset procedure. You can't have actually borked it.
Beat me to it, calc84
It's crazy... I know what [DEL] trick you're talking about, but I think it's past that. I mean, the cursor-on-graph screen thing (and messed up homescreen) prolonged even after full memory clears. I took all the batteries out, but it won't even turn on now. Wink Never mind though... this is getting ot.
So, Fire Emblem? I really like it, maybe the battle system shell is the base and then there are external levels (like I pmed Rivereye about Smile ). Just an idea... I like the shooter/puzzle idea, but what does RTS? Real Time Shooter?

@haveacalc- Well, you are now donthaveacalc Smile Try using TI-CODER and a emulator if reseting the calc like calc84maniac and The Tari said. All I can offer... Maybe resend the normal TI-OS back to the calc...
RTS is real-time strategy; think Command & Conquer or Starcraft. It's not really feasible on a calculator, though.
The Tari wrote:
RTS is real-time strategy; think Command & Conquer or Starcraft. It's not really feasible on a calculator, though.
CivSim is an RTS, although I admit with basic some of the "RT"-ness was lacking. Smile
Changing iy shouldn't harm the OS... then again, who knows what TI uses those flags for...
Well, I also sent 0's to port 6 (bad idea)...

There are too many immediate and impulsive possibilities with oncalc ASM. Laughing
Still, the boot code should fix all the ports and stuff... if you can turn it back on, I would recommend using Calcsys (if you have it) to set iy to $89F0. This happened to me once before, too (but not that bad)
I'll try that if I can get little calcy back on. It's been a day.
calc84maniac wrote:
Changing iy shouldn't harm the OS... then again, who knows what TI uses those flags for...
...yes it should. If you change iy, the TI-OS will start writing to random bits of RAM wherever you've set IY to.
I mean it shouldn't harm the OPERATING SYSTEM. As in archive corruption.
Platformers, from my Googling knowledge, are games with, well... platforms, such as Mario, right?
Hmm, in that case, I'm perfectly content with Mario v2.0 Smile
Mario, Contra, a few Metroid games...etc.
Most people are content with Contra as well. Except for finisher from UTI, who is having much trouble from it.......... Let me go see the options again, and then I'll vote.

I finally decided on other Smile
Platformer: Mario, Contra, that cool metroid by Kevin, um, Kofler?
2D Shooter: It really doesn't get any better than phoenix
Other: FE, maybe not whole story w/battles, but at least battle system... Maybe like this? (Don't ask how I found it, I saw my friend's little brother playing around on the website)
I want a 3D shooter, that would be a good challenge. If someone made a link-play ASM 3D shooter, that would be the shiznit.
But 3D shooter would almost have to be done in asm or at least xLib, and their are two pretty good ones out now, Doom, zDoom.
You didn't mention Metroid Pi... Mad

Just Joking Razz

There are a few decent pure Basic 3D shooters out there.

Here's my personal favorite.

And Kerm has already announced his loathing of Hybrid Basic, so xLIB is out.
It's set! Platformer shall be the theme, and the two categories will be Pure BASIC and Pure ASM. Any ideas about a duedate?
A month or two, I'd think. The more time, the more entries we're likely to get.
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