What type?
 28%  [ 7 ]
2D Shooter
 12%  [ 3 ]
3D Shooter
 4%  [ 1 ]
 8%  [ 2 ]
 4%  [ 1 ]
 28%  [ 7 ]
Other (Describe below)
 16%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 25

See IRC and SAX for details.

Arcade, 2D Shooter, 3D shooter, Puzzle, RPG, Platformer
Something like a Fire Emblem style battle system on any type of map of sorts... that way it could basically be freeform around a single bate system, idea. The battle system itself won't be precrerated, but the general idea f it should be similar to teh Fire Emblem games... So part RPG...
Plox explain what this "fire emblem" thing is for those of us who are not familiar with it."
check this video out. The battles in it are what I am going for, but something like the arena opart is not really neccessary-

clicky for vid

oh, and FE RULZ!

/me gets pwned by Kerm
I voted platformer, there aren't enough great platformer games out there. Plus, I love writing them Smile.
FIRE EMBLEM!!!! I love those games =P

I will need to think on this... But I won't have my calc till the 17th (out of town and I left it behind)
I voted for "Other", since I was thinking of an original, graphical card game. Right now, the only game that is coming out or is already out that fits this category is NanoWar's Wizards, so there's even less of them than platformers!
I don't even know what a platformer is.

Something like FE could be ok, but would there need to be a long and detailed story line?
Platformer is winning with three votes. If there is a tie by 9am EDT tomorrow morning, we will have a runoff vote. If not, the winner will be declared at that time.
I say "Platformer"! There aren't enough of those types of games running around! Very Happy
Sting::Ray wrote:
I say "Platformer"! There aren't enough of those types of games running around! Very Happy
Good stuff. By the way (forgot to mention it before) welcome to Cemetech! Smile
yes welcome

I am sad to see my favorite losing (shooter, I need a good one of those now).
Thank you for welcoming me Very Happy

I just feel as though people think platformers are ASM-only or something, yet BASIC-shooters have been made, so I just don't see why not? Cool
I vote "Platformer" too. Indeed there aren't many for the TI. Although I would have voted for a shooter instead, I'm perfectly content with Pheonix.
I agree. There aren't very many shooters either, but platformers are very rare. Sad
I vote a 2d rts or fighting game of some sort, like Fire Emblem!
An RTS would be really hard to make so that it had a balance of speed and easy UI, but with the right programmer, you never know... Very Happy
Basic RTS... let's all poke l-o-l-j-e on omnimaga!

EDIT: I find it annoying that any word with l-o-l in it is replaced by 0x5.
Apparently puzzle games aren't a big hit.

What happens if we make something a combination of two, like Metroid Pi (I won't enter it) is a platformer/2D shooter, or a platformer/puzzle?
Well, my calc just broke after I was screwing around with IY... I was getting a cursor on the graph screen and random alpha-locks... it was pretty cool until my calc wouln't turn on. So, I won't be in this contest. Razz Actually, unless I can get a hold of another calc, I'm out of the TI programming community for good.
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