Well, I'd have to say this past week was roughly the worst week of my life. Last Wednesday was a brutal Probability final exam, I had a Special Problem Set that took ~6 hours to complete due the following day, then nothing on Friday but to start studying Physics and Solid States, work on my 20-page argumentative essay, and write an infinite precision calculator in MIPS asm. The essay took until 5am Monday to complete, then I had to spend 11am to 6:30pm the same day finishing the calculator with my Computer Architecture partner. Tuesday was a brutal, wtf-ish Physics exam, yesterday I came down with a bad cold and sore throat, and today was possibly the worst exam I've ever taken, complete ownage disguised as a Solid States electronics/physics final.

But now it's over, so it's time to start looking at the summer and what I'll be spending my time on. Since I'm going to be doing some research this summer at Stevens Institute of Technology, I haven't committed to any big calculator or programming projects yet, but I've been tossing a few around. Among them are finishing the wordNet project including the Internet Mapping subproject (woIMP), messing with worldTrends to improve its speed and reliability and remove a few bugs. I also have a new template in progress for the site, which I hope to have complete and in place by the end of the month. As far as calculator projects go, I'm considering a PDF(ish?) reader, a game or three, and perhaps even the much-requested CivSimII in ASM), all of course for Doors CS. In the electronics end, I'd like to find a way to build the second prototype of my dataglove, hopefully wireless and with a few less solder joints to break off. Anyway, go ahead and post in the associated topic if you have any comments or suggestions to make, and now I shall be officially shutting my brain off for a while.
Wow busy week! I, um... [looks at Kerm, who is sleeping, randomly reciting physics equations...]

Wow. he is tired.

That is crazy, so many AP tests, ~6 hours for an entire work book, what garde are you in? 12th? and are you in like all AP classes? Man, this summer, sleep. Sleep till you wake up.

That CivSimII sounds cool, and especially since it will only be for doors. Anyways, have a good summer!
Not AP tests, final exams. I'm a -s-o-p-h-o-m-o-r-e- junior in college, so these were my end-of-semester exams. Massive amounts of sleep are definitely in order. Smile And CivSim II - it would basically be a remake of CivSim I, but in assembly. (http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/327/32759.html)
OK, so no AP, just finals....
A sophmore junior? whats that about?

So your remaking your own game in ASM (you made the game before you knew ASM so proficently?), thats gona be cool. beter graphics would be in order, would it be in 3+ levels of grayscale? Or just black and white?

Anywasy, hope it all turns out well!
I think what he means is that he is finished with his sophomore year now. My week has been crazy also.
Surprised Be happy its over!

But yes, its summer, a time of rest, peace, and new projects! Razz
Finals are about to come up for me as well, though I doubt that I'm suffering as much. The great thing about the end of the school year is that everyone throws away valuable things at my school, including graphing calculators. I got two 83+s last year (but ended up giving both away).
Mind letting me in on the treasure if you get any more TIs? I could use another calculator.

Finals are coming up soon for me, as well. I guess I'm going to have to start cramming. hmm....too bad my photographic memory ran out of film Laughing

Yup, summer's a busy one for me. I get to go to Alaska when school's out. Then it's on to my list of summer projects.
I still have have a month left of school... of course i'm only a sophmore in high school Smile

I just hope i'll have time this summer to get at least a playable demo of Hunter out. (A game I've been working on for 8 months, Rolling Eyes It is my first game though...)
Yeah, I'm a sophomore too.
By the end of the summer, I hope to have a working beta for my World Connect Messenger and (at least) an alpha of Project PET

If anyone wants to see the full project list I'll post it, but for the sake of your eyes I won't post unless asked Laughing
well, I am just about to graduate from high school, and I only have one exam to take this year (due to exemptions, they rocks). I plan to have a lot of CMS stuff done by summer's end (and have my new laptop).
Sweet deal. I've been messing around with the wordNet mapper for a bit; I'm trying to optimize for speed as much as possible.
I'm just a Freshman at high school (and a kinda exchange student)... and my finals are not coming up before some weeks from now.
I am sooo glad I am still in middle school! Very Happy No exams, just downhill after the 3rd week of May...

CivSim2? Let's hope this one will be faster and possibly have combat, too! If you can pull it off, it'll be the first isometric z80 assembly game!
No it won't.
Also (although it's Basic): http://omnimaga.org/index.php?showtopic=36&st=120

Look later in the topic to see where it becomes isomtric (and ignore the fact that the project seems to be dead).
Interesting, that's quite nice. But I've made tons of stuff in isometric 3D in BASIC; ASM has been tackled far less often in that area.
I knew about FATE RPG, JFish seems to have suspended to project because sometimes he is on the forums, but still doesn't post anywhere. Also, it's a looong way from being finished.

However, I didn't know about that 86 game. Then let me rephrase my point:
CivSim2? Let's hope this one will be faster and possibly have combat, too! If you can pull it off, it'll be the first isometric assembly game for the 83+/84+ family!
Super Speler wrote:
Also (although it's Basic): http://omnimaga.org/index.php?showtopic=36&st=120

Look later in the topic to see where it becomes isomtric (and ignore the fact that the project seems to be dead).

Isometric BASIC? Someone mind sending me info on how that's done? I've needed Isometric sprites for a while....withOUT resorting to ASM.
You can just layer your sprites, beginning at the top of the screen and moving down, using masked sprites.
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