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I just tried this out to day and it is awesome, but, I was wondering if someone could make a list of the controls so that I don't have to take all day to find all the comands.
Go to Alt+O and read them.....
Oh thanks thats what I wanted
TheStorm wrote:
Oh thanks thats what I wanted

I am trying to be more like some of the retards on these forums....Google this Google that!
You can also try pressing F1 inside the game to look at the ingame help.
Mexi, please refrain from using such offensive language. They term "retards" is politically incorrect. The correct term is "mentally handicapped", or "multiple handicapped", perhaps even "learning disabled". However, "retard" is not suitable language for an intellectually based site.
And to extend Alex10819's point, the "retards" that you're talking about are mostly in the high 90's percentile and are trying to teach you the proper way to do research. I for one learn something new by finding out as much as I possibly can on my own, then later asking experts for clarification on anything I could figure out on my own after extensive thought and research. It's for your own good to try to understand new concepts on your own. Once you have a 1600 on the SAT (like me, or a 33(?) on the ACT like Kllrnohj) may you call us mental equals.
Indeed. You see, once you have mastered the techniques we teach you, you won't need to ask for help... I'm sorry if we seem like jerks, but you have to understand the volume of requests people such as Kerm receive...A high end coder of over 10 languages is in constant demand for assistance... and when you attend one of the top engineering schools in the nation, like Kerm does, you have enough on your plate just from school work. We don't treat you like this to be rude, we do it because in life, there are choices to be made. Speaking for myself, I have to start AP exams on Monday... I don't have time to worry about anything except U.S. Government right now...

One day, when you've mastered a programming language or two, you'll understand where we're coming from. It's hard to help everyone with everything all of the time... we do the best we can, but there is a limit. I hope you understand this...

In another couple weeks, I'll be able to help you some again... but by then, you have to show me that you've completely mastered the use of google, and that you're not just asking questions every single time you have a problem. Learn what the PHP errors mean. Learn the syntax. Learn these things, learn to debug, learn the language... then, if you have problems, I won't mind you asking... But until then, you have to keep studying.. until then, I just plain don't have time... I have work, school, exams, projects, and a life... none of which are easy to put on hold... And I get the feeling that other people here share this mindset... It's not easy to have a job, and school, and still maintain an activity level like Kerm does...
I actually managed to categorize my time division while chatting with a good friend yesterday. I have a 2-hour-a-week tutoring job, a 10-20 hour a week job at the Greenmarket, I do regular catsitting for two clients, and I occasionally work at an investment firm doing clerical work. I work in two of the school computer labs for an average of 10-12 hours a week during the school year and ~30 hours a week during the summer. I have around 20 hours of schoolwork during an average week, and closer to 45 to 50 hours of work per week during finals. I have around 19 hours of classes per week on average, and I post in the multiple hundreds of posts here per week. I have a buddy list of 350 people, around 100 of whom are people who contact me for programming assistance. I have five email accounts where I receive feedback about projects. I have a 500-member website to maintain (and pay for). On top of all this, I'm trying to have some shambles of a social life and wouldn't mind a girlfriend (wink @ CM-S). If you want to spent my time, think over that and how researchable your question is before spending one of my remaining two free minutes per week.

To give you some sense of perspective, tomorrow I need to write 4-5 pages of my 20 page research paper due Monday that's 60% of my grade for one of my 3-credit classes, go get 3 or 4 books to use as secondary source, incorporate the quotes from them, and proofread the essay due at 11am on Monday. I need to work with my CompArch partner to complete and document an infinite-precision calculator written in MIPS from scratch. I have a cumulative final exam in modern physics on Tuesday, covering all of modern optics, general and special relativity, and quantum physics. On Thursday, I have a final in semiconductor physics, discussing the entirety of microscopic and macroscopic functionality of diodes and transistors with a healthy dose of electrochemistry tossed in.

Now you understand why my away message says "go away".
Yes I see your point and I thank you for all the help you give. When I asked I didn't know anything about the game so alt-o was all I needed. So why did the forum become a rant? I know you guys have no time and it is awesome that you even have time to do all that but remember some of us wish we had your talent and so we first ask the people we look up to.
And yes I should have googled it but their wasn't any documentation with the game so I just assumed(I should stop doing that) their was none and asked.
Storm, the rant wasn't directed at you, and I'm sorry if it seemed that way. It was more at mexi... In Mexi's attempt to learn various languages, he's constantly asked Kerm and I for assistance with every single problem he encounters... and it got old.

Don't worry about it, it's nothing against you. And I'm sorry we ruined your thread Razz
I don't care how you were ranting at because I sometimes do the same thing but I have to use google more oh-well. oh and I got a 33 on a act practice test if that counts. Razz
I refuse to learn more then the absolute basics of any other language untill I totally master BASIC =/ Then I plan to move onto Python or Java, learning a little bit of one there, and some of that one then, would be to crazy =|

EDIT: My friend Leighton got a 27 on the ACT in 7th grade.
That's a smart plan. It's better to be really good at a few things than ok at a whole bunch of things. And yeah, that post was aimed more at Mexi than anyone.
My next task is going to be Asm this summer, maybe, and then an even more maybe will be so language my dad uses (ok his employees use) for this machine shop he works at.
Er, Grammar check please =D
Machine code at a machine shop...fun!

I'll try to cut down on the quantity of noobish ASM questions I ask. I think I've almost got everthing down as far as the instructions go, anyways.
yeah covert a cad drawing into something the machine can use sounds like fun but hey it's almost a garented job if I get good enough, hehe.
o.O Kerm, I never want to have a schedule like that...

I am really good at the 8th grade level, but I am not sure my brain is scaleable enough to reach such a level Razz

Seriously though, wow..

But yeah, Mexi, you have now seemed to develop an attitude problem towards some members here who actually just wanted to help you.
KermMartian wrote:
Once you have a 1600 on the SAT (like me, or a 33(?) on the ACT like Kllrnohj) may you call us mental equals.

I got a 34 on the ACT Wink (stupid English dragging me down Very Happy ) - but thanks for the shout-out Cool

EDIT: Heh, I just noticed something ironic. Mexi's avatar is a self-help book Razz
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