Idea for a SE, which I hope to write sometime when I can be on the computer and I get tired of writing lfont.asm for LIFOS. Basically, it brings up a GUISmallWin with a GUIRText object giving a program description if the cursor hovers over a program for a set amount of time, and the program is a Mirage, Ion, or DCS program.
Sounds cool Tari hope you get a chance to work on this.
Cool idea. If you don't get to it, I'd definitely be interested in writing that myself.
What would be better:

prgm name
status (un/archived)
The only thing is you'd have to store the graphics underneath somewhere for when the mouse moved again... I should add a trigger value to SE return values that forces DCS to rerender the desktop.
Or allow SEs to call a "force_rerender" subroutine - which could set/reset some flag to notify DCS, if you don't want the function to do the redraw itself.
make it display the size and the description field which is part of all DCS compatible asm programs, but not actually displayed by DCS itself, everything else is easily visible by glancing at the program itself.
It may be hard to tell whether a program is a DCS asm prog w/ icon or a DCS basic prog w/icon or an MOS asm prog w/ icon though.
True, but why would you care? Doors CS can run them all! Smile
It would be nice to be able to tell though.
I can understand that. I'll definitely consider writing this, then.
I'm happy to do it, otherwise. I just need to know
1: The x and y coordinates of the cursor are in a and l when a SE is called, right?
2: How to determine which programs (if any) are on the screen and possible to be selected.
EDIT: ah, a and l is only for a GUIMouse hook, but I'll just look in MouseX and MouseY
my guess is the program names are on the gui stack somewhere.
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