Is there a routine to rotate something on the graph screen by a certain number of degrees written in BASIC or ASM? I wanted to add that to PyroEdit so people can rotate sprites and parts of a picture around really easily. The rotate I got in right now is one I made that only transposes the image, and it is slow as hell.
how much Asm do you know?

check out the rotating cube tutorial on skytopia for the math you need to program this.
All you need is some simple trig for this and you'll be all set...
Well when I asked in one of the IRC rooms, the guys who knew ASM were like "F--k no!" when I mentioned 'x' degrees, so it dosen't sound really easy...
...and if they can't figure it out and they're way up in the math and ASM department than I am, I don't know how I'm gonna ever figure it out.
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