Do yo believe the tomb and the ossuaries belong to jesus and his family?
Yes, definitely
 0%  [ 0 ]
Nope! No Way at all.
 40%  [ 2 ]
No Opinion
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True, True, what of the axis? Not the magnetic ones. however i guess technically it could be done if you had a perfectly straight, perfectly timed, line drawn from a plum line hanging... hm.. would have to have some seriously good skillz. btw i wanted to ask this in the spooky tale thread but didnt get around to it, do any of y'all think there may be life under the ice of the moon Europa? T'was on the history channel the other day.
MDR Falcon wrote:
GangstaNerd wrote:
Throughout the press conference the biblical scholars use John 20: 19-23 as proof it was not a tangible resurrection.

0x5... using the Bible as "proof".

the response of someone who is truly ignorant archaeology, the Bible is one of THE most historically accurate in the world. nor is it generally considered "the word of god", rather its the collected works of 40 or so Christian and Jewish religious leaders from the time of the middle of the Egyptian dynasty's up through about 60 years after the death of Jesus. The proper adjective is "God-inspired".

and no, I dont think it is the tomb, there is no evidence for Jesus having been buried anywhere near the rest of his family.
I don't think this will affect the Christian faith, because anyone who really believes (like me) knows that this is a fake. Smile
Related to what elfprince13 is saying, I just wanted to add that archaeologists have relied extensively on the Bible in terms of checking facts and dates. For example, one of the primary sources of information about King Nebuchadnezzar is actually the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament of the Bible. Even if you aren't a Christian, you at least have to admit that the Bible has considerable historical relevance.
here is something else about the tomb. First, to get your name on one back then took money. 2nd, if it was Christ, he would have to have survived crucifixion (there is no doubt he hung on the cross).

Btw, in that time also, Christians were killed and persecuted. If he wasn't the messaih, then why not kill the leader, and then humilate him by not giving a proper funeral. Also, realize how long ago they found this tomb, and for years they said there was no way this was the tomb.
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