im getting bored with my math programs...i really need ideas on different types of programs
does anybody have any ideas Idea ?
if you do, post them here please
unfortunately im not so creative If you need help thinking of an idea and want it to be unique, you could make it a German polar-swirling 2-D and 3-D (different sections have different dimensions) grayscale platformer/racing game with an optional multi-player mode and cool effects that flip the screen and can turn upside-down and spin.
take me up on a manager, Alex Glanville's Money Manager is my current hit. See this post, thought not really 'thourough(?)' it will explain quite a bit what you'll have to accomplish. Maybe a post over at TI-FreakWare will weaken your legs, hmm? Shock
yes...that seems interesting..
i would take up on games but they are kinda hard for me. (I really don't know why)

i like you manager system by the way. i guess u could say its useful for those who need it
luckily i have 80$ in coins i need to manage before i put them in a coin star machine..
I force you to download my program, NOW!! hahaha! Wink

Oh, BTW, I'm coming out with a Bank Manager and a Grade Manager, if you wanna get a lil head start Laughing
well i cant really download it since i have no calc-to-comp cord, however i have used the awsome SourceCoder:
so im going to have to type it in by hand(what a bore!)
well i still have 10 pgs to go...(each page has like 65 lines)

i guess all i would have to do for the grade manager is tweak the code a bit
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