At last, Doors CS 6.0 is nearing the conclusion of its development cycle - jump to the end of this article if all you want is the download. Still remaining are two minor bugs and documentation; nearly everything is set for release. I'll let the description from the archives speak for itself:

The culmination of over 12 months of intense work, Doors CS 6.0 RC1 represents the highest and most stable evolution of the Doors CS shell to date. From networking and a full GUI API to extensive program support (including MirageOS support) and customization, Doors CS offers the next generation of portable calculation experience. Check it out, and be sure to report any and all issues encountered!

Here's a specific list of new fixes since the last release, Doors CS 5.9 Beta 1:

o Completed CALCnet2 support
o Fixed all text input debouncing problems
o Tweaked Cn2 wrapper routines for more stable transfer
o Fixed crash from DCS menu ("start" menu) when enabling Cn2
o Added support for a "hook"-type routine during GUI text execution
o Fixed off-by-one error in displaying archived icons
o Repaired all bugs and issues with GUIRMultiline
o Brought "Defragmenting..." issue to full resolution
o Fixed rendering of multiple sequential line breaks in text routines

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for: the download link and gratuitous screenshots! Please please report all bugs and issues in the associated topic (just click Discuss). Enjoy.

Doors CS 6.0 Release Candidate 1

Do you know what an outstanding idea would be, and would really help to clear up a bunch of minds? Make a nice and concise list of what exactly Doors does that Mirage doesn't do?
#1) does'n't crash your calc...... downloading now Kerm, will edit and comment in a few minutes

edit: ARGH WTFFFF for some reasom all releases after 8.4 wont work. they just freeze on the *your calc recently crashed...* screen >.<
Heu, pseudoprog, could we have more info on your bug? version 8.4 isn't a DCS version...

Downloading it now.
dsc 5.8 my bad. typo lol... dunno how that happened... i dunno whats wrong with it.. ill clear my entire calc and try it now..

edit: i said 8.4 because in the file name it says 5.8b4..... my silly error

editedit: k it works now
but how do i get to that open file popup box thing...

Also happened when I ran 'VARS.' Both are TI-OS no-sub programs.

Two questions:
- Is the VAT weirdness finally fixed so that you can do file management with DCS without losing RAM every time that you can't get back without resetting?
- You can finally link calcs in DCS now? If so, that's really cool...
Kerm, don't forget to have a DCS6 RC be bug free for at least a week or two before making an official release Wink
Well DCS has no way to stop those errors because those programs MANUALLY CALL THEM. Just make sure all the inputs are correct I guess...

And Pseudo, you should ALWAYS delete the earlier appvar before upgrading. Wink

Edit: Kerm, you still haven't fixed the scrolling bug... >_>
I fixed every possible incarnation of the scroll bug. I think you're probably the only person in the world skilled enough to OVERFLOW my program-count variable. Razz

And yes, you MUST delete both DCS6 and DCS6b appvars before running this.
Pseudoprogrammer wrote:
#1) does'n't crash your calc......

Um, no offense at all towards Kerm, but MOS is THE most stable calc shell I've ever used. It hasn't crashed on me once.
foamy3 wrote:
Pseudoprogrammer wrote:
#1) does'n't crash your calc......

Um, no offense at all towards Kerm, but MOS is THE most stable calc shell I've ever used. It hasn't crashed on me once.
I've had it crash for me on _literally_ every calc I've used it on. Anyway, Doors CS should be that stable now.
Well after testing it, I figured out I was going to stay with MOS a bit more:

Good Idea Visually great
Good Idea Compatibility and MOS support

Bad Idea There is so much space wasted on useless functions! I'd rather use it for routines/compatibility, not for some icon changer and text writter (even the base OS has that). It's great visually, but on the usefulness/space ratio, I wouldn't give high.

Anyway, for now, MOS is more stable (never seen it crash unless there's an error in the program you have or modify the appvars...)
Fair enough. Roughly a page and a quarter, keep in mind, are routines to make huge programs possible in only a few KB.
true, but how many people do you expect to use said routines also?

Congrats on the release there Kerm.
After looking in the SDK, I've noticed that all a page is the MOS routines and the other quarter are DCS GUI routines Sad . Unless you want to do some DCS modding, you can have the same in MOS.

Suggestion: Routines that could be added:

-Masked sprite routine
-tilemapper (xlib has that), it's small but somewhat useful
Already has a masked sprite routine, and the reason is that the six GUI calls encompass the ENTIRE 20+ GUI elements with all associated handlers.
And what is it? According to the DCS SDK, there is none.
Fallen Ghost wrote:
And what is it? According to the DCS SDK, there is none.
Fascinating, I didn't write it up in the SDK. I'll have to remedy that...
[previous content modified]
>> MOS pissed me off one too many times with the excessive Garbage Collecting messages and the crashing. I use CrunhyOS now 'cause it saves data that games write to themselves in an AppVar so backing up your game scores is easier and it does not produce anywhere near as many GC messages as other shells do.

>> More DCS bugs:
- I turned on that Cal2/Gcn thing. DCS crashed on the calc.
- DCS isn't wanting to rearchive the programs it unarchives.
<rant> Enough of this stupid "Quoted for emphasis" bullshit. Seriously, I don't want to re-read a post just so I can see "Quoted for emphasis" - just say, "yeah, it crashes for me to" or whatever the hell your opinion is. If you can't do that, then just shut up. If you are too lazy to type up your own opinion, then do us all a favor and don't post. Its that simple. </rant>

<rant 2> And will people PLEASE PREVIEW their freaking posts before making them. Seriously, how do you miss that the BBCode you used is all screwed up if you preview it? Do us all a favor and at least GLANCE over your post when you make it, and FIX THE ERRORS. That is a feature I miss from drupal - forced previews. It wouldn't let you post until you previewed it.... </rant 2>

I have never once had MOS crash or seen it crash on any calc (including all the kids calcs at school) - but then again, I've only ever used 1.1 and 1.2 (or whatever the latest one is)
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