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[Digg It] The Ultimate Calculator is an extreme-modded TI-83+ graphing calculator, a device with an MSRP of around $90. Almost everyone who has recently taken a high school or college math or science course should have at least a passing familiarity with it. It's a project I had dreamed of attempting for a very long time, but never quite had the resources and equipment to complete. At long last, it has been created, and all within the short span of a bit over a month. Firstly, to avoid a TL;DR situation, the headline features:
  • Modified LCD with RGB LED backlight controlled by a GAL16V PLD slaved to two CPU I/O lines allowing full-spectrum color control that also illuminate the case windows
  • Sanded, painted, and varnished case with sports car-style racing stripes
  • Removed LCD bevel and slanted LCD for more unique, non-branded look and easier LCD viewing
  • Internal powered PS/2 port with working drivers for use with external keyboards and mice
  • Case cutouts and case windows for added "wow" factor

Check out the links below for more detailed pictures and additional construction pictures and information.

Informational Links
The Photo Album
The Construction Blog
The Construction Discussion

The Main Pictures (Click to enlarge)

The Original
I'm not gonna lie Kerm, that is one of the worst paint jobs I have ever seen Very Happy (in terms of quality of the painting, not color/design selection) - either that or the camera you used is incredibly bad and likes to just choose random color shades.... Wink And whats with the PS/2 port? Is it angled weird?

Anyway, looks cool. Now lets see that RGB screen in action Very Happy
nice work. who's leon?

Anyway, looks cool. Now lets see that RGB screen in action Very Happy

that would be nice =)

And whats with the PS/2 port? Is it angled weird?

probably because the mouse will be going around the bottom part of the calc, to the right hand side, therefore it is angled to the right, as not to slide the calc around the table when a little tension is put on the mouse chord =P
It's angled weird so the back half of the PS/2 socket actually fits in the calc instead of sticking out 3/4". And yeah, the paint job is quite decent, but the camera doesn't show it off well. I touched up the pix on this page, but not the ones in the gallery.
color screen pics plox =P and keyboard? wah bout that. 0x5 Very Happy
man, I would really love to do this to my 84+SE, Ah well.
You certainly can; maybe that will be my next calc modding project. Smile
I like the paint job. Smile

I'm guessing software modifications are also needed to use the added hardware?
Indeed. I integrated Ben's PS/2 drivers into DCS SEs, while the CSA requires its own set of interrupt-based drivers.
You going to make those drivers available for when I finish my PS/2 port?
But of course! I wouldn't dream of doing otherwise. Smile I'll have to debug the SE a bit more though.
So, it's the ultimate... But is it overclocked? Wink
nitro2k01 wrote:
So, it's the ultimate... But is it overclocked? Wink

Bah, no point in overclocking. Just put a core2extreme in it. Smile
foamy, you are living in the darkages man, you need the Core2 Quad.
Yes but everyone knows you can't just settle for a good processor these days...duh! You also need a femal VGA port, and a sweet graphics card...now thats the way to go!
I actually added the overclocking after I published the "finished" version.
rivereye wrote:
foamy, you are living in the darkages man, you need the Core2 Quad.

Darkages? I know the quads are out, but I just read on intel.com last week that the c2e was the #1 gaming processor. Unless you want to run the calc as a server Very Happy
You mean that you didn't get that running the calculator as a server (and a client, at times, anyway) was implied? Shock

Also, one mustn't forget to load the bad boy up with a Dual GeForce 8800 GTX-based graphics card. Wink
Of course! And you'll need a dozen or two D batteries to run that sucker.
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