I was am going to make two versions of the asm game Cotton Picker. One version is going to be made using xlib the other version is going to be made on the homescreen. It shouldn't be to terribly hard or take to long at all. When I am done them both I am going to put them in the same folder that way if you don't like xlib or don't want to install it you can have another version to use.
Well I changed my mind and decided to just create a pure basic version on the homescreen and not even bother with xlib. Here is a list of things I need to add before I consider it being done:

1.A menu
2.A highscore table
3.A timer
4.Levels(right now you just keep getting the cotton)

If all goes well I will have it finished and will start looking for optimizations tonight and upload tomorrow.
interesting idea, but next time, do not double post also.
Ooo! Ooo! I made a simple ASCII game like this, except its name probably made it get last place in my contest.

rivereye wrote:
interesting idea, but next time, do not double post also.

What twelve hours isn't enough?
I hear 1 day minumum from most people =/

@Harrier , yes that is a quite unappealing program title.
Heh...heh...oh well. I wasn't about to call it "Cotton Picker".

The game itself is alright, though.
I decided to take out the highscore and the game is now finished and bug free. Now all i have to do is optimize it, write a readme, send it to archives, and send it as a basic elite program.

Edit: I also changed the name from bcotton to harvest.
It is now uploaded to the archives and can be found here.

Can someone who can allow me into the BE take a look at it from that link or do I have to submit the application?
You need to submit an application.
Just go to http://www.cemetech.net/projects/basicelite/application.html and submit the form found there.
Application submitted.
So did you receive my application or did i just not make it in?
I wondered the same thing myself. They'll get to it sometime.
JPez hasn't been around lately, and I've been overscheduled six ways to Sunday. I'll get to it soon.
I've always wanted to apply for Basic Elite, but the only prog i could submit is the ellipse solver...only one ive been able to get on the comp.
What is the problem with getting others on the comp???
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