Which contest would you support?
 25%  [ 7 ]
 11%  [ 3 ]
 7%  [ 2 ]
 14%  [ 4 ]
 40%  [ 11 ]
Total Votes : 27

The next contest will be announced on Omni, UTI, Cemetech, and TIFW. I guess we'll be going with Platformer / Sidescroller / Arcade, since that missed out on this by a hair, right?
Sorry that I couldn't participate in this contest, but I totally forgot about it until calc84maniac reminded me the night it was due.

Hopefully, announcing it on multiple sites will bring up the participation Good Idea

Also, do arcade games include games like bottle shooters, etc? I'm not really sure on what qualifies as an arcade game...

I might be able to convince a friend of mine to enter, depending on if he has enough time to do it or not (you know, with our roughly 20 minutes of daily homework Very Happy ).
i think an arcade game would be anything you find in a video arcade or something. i would consider it to be anything thats not a puzzle, or takes a long time to do like a maze, well, i maze might be considered an arcade game if it had enemies or something... yeah.. i vote for arcade, as its a wide category.
Cool deal. So what's the consensus for this contest? I'm thinking we should just declare calc84 the default winner and be done with it.
I concur. I would like a contest that would allow me to enter the line-rider game im making. =D
wait wait wait... I thought the contest we just did was arcade... Surprised
/me thought it was AI =/
it was platfomer and the like. The only thing is we only had one entry submitted, so Kerm wants to rerun the contest. I think we can go with it (though I am a tad skeptical on the default winner part).
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