Which contest would you support?
 25%  [ 7 ]
 11%  [ 3 ]
 7%  [ 2 ]
 14%  [ 4 ]
 40%  [ 11 ]
Total Votes : 27

it would get boring...having all those progs being the same....
for who, you or me? The only reason I thought of it was two of you want to do it, could be interesting to see.
NVRMD...i just realized i'm not a judge...lol Very Happy

If we do this. Would you like it to give up after the 20 q and not finding the correct answer? Or continue until 25 but guessing after each when 20 q's has passed?
however you want it to work. Btw, this means you need to have lots of different people try it out before my hands get on it.
alright...i'll try and get ppl from my school to try it.

p.s. is there a sticky or anouncement where Kerm has ranks and other relevant info pertaining to profiles and posts etc?
he might, he might not, what do you want to know about them?
what each rank is...what does it take to recieve that rank.
ah, those. They should be around here somewhere. They all are based on posts though (once you hit 1000 though, you are allowed to set your own).
If I do this, it will have probably a *maximum* of 100 items (large data file... 100 items all with >30 characteristics to store... Pretty much a minimum of 4500 kb (or more), although it would be expandable by adding something to the end

Must... resist.... the urge.... to post......

ARGHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PWNAGESINCE1337YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Razz

Sorry, I had to...

Time to go through and find topics where I am the last post and delete the posts whenever I post Wink
nah, don't do that, always fun to brad about how many posts you may have. You can always work for another milestone also.
Ok, Kerm and I talked about the new deadline we are going to have for this contest. You guys have until March 1st @ 11:59 PM CST to submit your programs to the contest email.
What time will it be due?
By midnight on the 1st, as usual.
So that would be tonight, right? I mean this coming 12:00...
yeah, by tonight (seems a lot of contest end at end of month anyways here).
oo... I hadnt checked this thread since ma last post... didnt know it had even started yet... ouch... can we make a frontpage post... or a bulletin or something next time?.. i thought this was still just the "ideas" i was waitin for a "CONTEST 4" thread... oops.. who all entered?
I wasn't able to get my entry in on time. The contest still motivated me to make a good game (and the first of its kind for calcs), though. Since I don't care much for online merit, I guess that's all that matters...
So was I the only participant? If so, LOL.
yeah, there was only one entry. Just as a heads up, the contest will not be considered valid unless there are at least 3 people entered.
Lets have a new contest and announce it a tad better... I just got a great idea for a game... mabye we could have a time waster game contest... i like that... as thats generally what i use the games for...
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