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This is more about Kerm's Signature, but I posted it here anyway.

In Kerm's signature, I thought that not too long ago (tonight), it said that Doors CS 6 was coming in 2 days, 22 hours. Now, it is saying that Doors CS 6 is coming in 4 days, 1 hour.

Nevermind about that, I probably just saw 2 instead of 5.

Anyway, I do have another question, related to the signatures.

How do you create things like the release of Doors CS 6 countdown, or how many posts you have, updated continuously, etc for your signature? Please move this to the other forum, sorry again about that (Cemetech really needs a "sorry" emoticon).
Actually, it did say 2 days left 2 days ago... but I'm guessing you missed the NEGATIVE sign Very Happy (like right now it says -4 days)

He missed his deadline Rolling Eyes

As for the second part of the question, my guess is that he has a .htaccess file that redirects http://www.cemetech.net/img/sigs/daystodcs6.png to a PHP script that then adds the numbers to the base image
lol. The sig said 2 days, then 4. DCS is late now, and the script is counting how much time has passed since the scheduled release.
Oh, man. From the title of this topic I thought Kerm had released a new Doors. Couldn't you have used a more specific topic name!?! Mad
Come on, you know there would be about 20 topics and 6 news articles to commemorate DCS6 being released. Razz
Rolling Eyes How much longer do you think it will be before 20 topics? Wink

P.S. will you get ticalc.org to announce it?
I dunno, maybe a month, maybe a month and a half, depending on when (if) I get my computer back.
oh my god... thy took it back after you stole it back from them?

Do they pay for college? because otherwise I would take legal action to get that tablet back (you bought it, right?)

P.S. Why do your parents seem to hate you so much?
Laughing I have a full-tuition scholarship, but I pay for fees and books and food etc myself. I'm reliant on them for housing though atm... Sad
Ah, so you mean your staying with now, or that they pay for your apartment?
bloody 'ell, they cant legally take the tablet from you...have they threatened to kick you out of the house if you take it back?
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