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News Item #280 wrote:
After about a month of inactivity due to final exams, holidays, and shall we say... "technical difficulties" with my laptop, I have finally gotten around to releaseing Doors CS 5.9 Beta 1. Unfortunately, it looks like I'm going to be unable to make the January 1, 2007 deadline, but hopefully the final release date shall not be long afterwards. The progression to the 5.9 line indicates that Doors CS now has every feature planned for the final version, but that some features are still buggy. Since Doors CS 5.8 Beta 4, I have completed the following:

+ Implemented Tari's sort routine, but disabled it because of a bug. (12/27/06)
+ Fixed manual and automatic powerdown/up issues with Cn2 and gCn. (11/24/06)
+ Fixed runindic presence after BASIC exec. (11/22/06)
+ BASIC pause if text on homescreen at quit. (11/22/06)
+ Link menu started with default disabled txt. (11/22/06)
+ Binaricized in/out count icon for all langs. (11/22/06)
+ Added counting of Cn2 rec/send bytes, reset on Cn2 reenable. (11/22/06)
+ Switched the safe driver checkbox to alpha sort, allocated AV space. (11/22/06)
+ Harq(?)'s [on] problem resolution. (11/20/06)
+ Reenable silent link for BASIC and ASM programs - TI im1. (11/17/06)
+ Lowercase flag disable. (11/17/06)
+ Residual problem with the [A/a/1] indicator resolved. (11/16/06)

I still have quite a few bugs to resolve, though, and I'd definitely appreciate any assistance in this department:

+ GUISMultilineType - FineLineEnd and Cursor_Down
+ Issue with rendering multiple CRs
+ Text input exit debounce problem - still not resolved
+ Tari's sort routine (stack = [$0000])
+ Homescreen retention dealio
+ Foamy's cursor/crash error - Cn2??
+ New Cn2 crash from DCS Menu
+ Defragmenting.... problem (Swivel, you got it yet?)
+ GUI Insufficient RAM invokes err handler, not internal handler
+ cn2 ready2send flag (what did I mean by this?)

Doors CS 5.9 Beta 1
so can we now actually use gCn/CN2?
elfprince13 wrote:
so can we now actually use gCn/CN2?
Indeedy. Good luck without some of the bugfixes though...
question 2: have you yet discovered why a lot of the gui elements seem to be getting drawn twice?
What's gCn/CN2?
elfprince13 wrote:
so can we now actually use gCn/CN2?

No on the gCn at least, as the only link cable that stands a chance of working is parallel port, and I can't test that as I don't have a parallel port Sad So... development of the gCn network has completely stopped, although I probably could go ahead and get started on that again, and just assume some sort of solution is found Smile
Calc Buffoon wrote:
What's gCn/CN2?
Cn2 = CALCnet2, and gCn is Global CALCnet. CALCnet2 is a networking protocol (technically CALCnet 2.2) built into Doors CS; gCn is a theoretical way of connecting Cn2 - enabled devices across the internet.
So let me get this straight:
Cn2 is calc to calc, and
gCn is calc to computer?
Calc Buffoon wrote:
So let me get this straight:
Cn2 is calc to calc, and
gCn is calc to computer?
Cn2 is calc-calc
gCn is calc-calc via the internet (and computers can also pose as calcs to provide services)
I can't wait for at least the calc to calc one... it would be nice to be able to link and send files (and messages or whatever) in DCS...
It'd be even cooler if you can use TILP or TI-Connect and send or receive files via silent link or something and you don't have to go back into TI-OS ever again...
...except to debug stuff, but it would be nice if you coudl do that from DCS, too....
Definitely. One of the things I want to make is a chat application with Cn2 and gCn; somewhere I have a mockup screenshot. If I can't find it, I'll just remake it.
Can someone tell me the use of a chat application when your two calcs are at 1 feet of each other? Question Question Question

On a global network, sure but on close calcs...

Is it only me that doesn't understand?
Fallen Ghost wrote:
Can someone tell me the use of a chat application when your two calcs are at 1 feet of each other? Question Question Question

cheating on a test using an IR link? Just a thought Wink
Oh... Infra-red link... Smile

But isn't it a little space-taking??
One of these days I'm going to find a cheap supplier for RF433 chips so I can remake the infamous "RadioLinc"...
I remember one kid on ticalc.org claiming to have setup a network at school using a radio based link, and a signal amplifier left in his back pack.
Psh, total lie. It wouldn't have worked beyond about 100 feet without a very long antenna.
hehe, nice story though, besides 100 foot radius could cover 9 highschool class rooms (or 6 and the hallway).

anywho, you may want to bump up the timer on the Arrival sig.
Actually, I'm somewhat interested to see what kind of interestingly overflowing numbers will appear when it flips over the appointed time and date.

So has no one tried this latest beta??! I need some feedback!
tomorrow man, tomorrow. vacation sucks some times.
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