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I on my way home from school today, I was thinking about the new cemetech, SAX, my bourd, and a few other online things. In the midst of the thoughts. I remembered a 'Kerm' like person on a message bourd for dogs, just Eskies, not any dog. I had to log into my moms account to grab this set of two screens, merged into one. His bourd is powered by SMF, apperently, not phpBB, I do believe its still possible. The '-' (minus) sign with the dashed-box 'round it, by the date, (upper right) hides the 3 links and the total time logged in at the top.

just FYI: My mom was not logged in for 2 hours & 20 mins, thats how long she's been on sense the update,

@Kerm: I'd love to see something like this in v5, or 6 for that matter! Its just a series of graphs, no SAX =/. Razz

Thoughts? Seconds? Thirds? Twenty-Fithths? Rolling Eyes

Heh:No, its not 8pm here, its 5, she hasn't changed the time zone >.<
More random statistics are always fun Smile
Could be done easily. I always love random statistics.
Yay! 1 more thing to delay DCS 6 ;-D

P.S. Kerm, I have been having some strange problems with the site in Opera... Sometimes the buttons will go all over the place, not load, or part of something is cut off (mainly emoticons, but everything is fixed by scrolling it off the page and on again, but you can't always do that.)
Sounds like an Opera rendering bug to me... Kllrnohj, any ideas?
I'm looking at it now in Opera and I'm not seeing any problems...

Opera Version 9.02
Harq, what version are you using? Can you drop me a screenshot or two?
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