It's a crumpled-up piece of paper... Crying
rofl What a crock...
maybe i should pay this guy a visit... he's not too far away

heck, i should do this... i could make Origami Paper! (With original PHP code!)
The Guy wrote:
Q: approximately how long did it take to fold this origami boulder?

A: While each one is unique... and take varying times to fold... the one pictured and being sold for this auction took somewhere between 10 and 15 mins... from conception to finish.
Bah! too bad he doesn't have any bidders. I have seen people sell their souls on Ebay Laughing Rolling Eyes
meh... i know!

Origami Ideas:
Origame Paper
Origami Power Strips (not intended for real use)
Origami Cigarettes (With REAL teabags!)
Origami Calculators (With original faceplate drawings!)
Origami Windows (With REAL invisible paper!)

when will people learn?
I know! I'll sell *invisible* origami on eBay, made with real centuries-old Chinese methods! I could clean up! Smile
hence the origami windows...
But you'd need a real paper frame around the "origami" windows to make it more authentic.
this one has free shipping! (although its not origami)
Here's a $26 air guitar with 23 bids!
The reserve price wasn't met Laughing
Laughing Pwnt.
Laughing The Origami Boulder Company is now selling their wares online (SAX discussion led me to rediscover origami boulders Wink)

EDIT: They even comes with display cases Laughing
That's hilarious. But Fred Rohm's water wheel is vastly superior. And I can make them too Smile

I made a variation of one of these back when I used to practice origami (takes a long time to make though; lots of paper involved Neutral)
Made me chuckle.

Welcome to wadded paper site!

My domain, but most people too stupid to understand, so I explain now at beginning.

Origami, is Japanese art of folding paper. Boulder is round rock. Origami Boulder is wadded up paper! You understand now, dumbo? Then hurry up and buy wadded paper! You see picture at top of site don't you?

And that waterwheel is beautiful.
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