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For all those Cemetech members who have repeatedly alerted me to the absence of the Link section of the DCS Menu, you may now put your worries to rest. I have implemented an informational window that displays number of bytes in and out since Cn2 was last enabled, as well as an indication of whether Cn2 is enabled at all, and whether gCn is currently available. I further propagated the new GUI through the three multilingual versions (English, French, and Spanish), and I'm working on trying to smooth out a few bugs from the CALCnet2 routines. Specifically, the receiving routine seems to be triggering very, very slowly; that is, there is too much time between each reception check. To conclude, a screenshot of the new Link GUI in action. The first 5.9 release, Beta 1, should be available somewhere around the start of December.

Hmm... Nice screenshots, but don't you think that the second one is showing a bit of an error, with the text overwriting the up-scroll arrow??
Negatory, since that's just a debug thing to test Cn2 and jack the count up. Nowhere in the final version does text actually get outputted over the desktop like that.
very pwnsome, did you fix the bug with scrolling up and down on the desktop triggering the run indicator?
Yo, that been fixed, son.
I added a couple of debug indicators, and I'm trying to work out why transfers fail under certain circumstances.
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