Since Doors CS 5.8 Beta 3, a bunch of bug fixes, improvements, and features have been implemented. A special focus has been placed on the Associated Program (AP subsystem) tools and GUIs, including completed FileOpen, FileSave, and FileSaveAs routines. A new icon has been added for associated programs with no known reader, and a small bug with type detection has been repaired. Several minor quality-of-use issues have been resolved, such as more debouncing and alpha setting masking. GUI tools that manipulate memory have been modified to return information on the memory they have changed. The crash-on-Cn2 enable bug was fixed, but another version of the bug seems to have popped up. Finally, multilingual versions have been implemented; an English, French, and Spanish version are included in this release. You know the drill: report bugs, comments, and suggestions to me.

Doors CS 5.8 Beta 4
I have a suggestion, get me over my fear of using DCS actually.
excellent work m'lad. Wink
rivereye wrote:
I have a suggestion, get me over my fear of using DCS actually.
'Taint going to delete your OS. The worst thing it does is occasionally, harmlessly delete itself, and occasionally clears your RAM if you try to turn on Cn2.
tell that to my almost destroyed calc the last time I used that.
Not quite a Bug: About screen still says b3.

And I'm glad to see you fixed the 3 second menu closing lag.

Also, I can't remember what key is PTI's 2nd, so I'm not giving a screenshot.

From the TI-OS, type "cos( FGcos("
Hit Apps, go to DCS
Scroll over to the bottom right 'X' and close DCS with the "2nd" key.
Now the cursor is out where it was before, but the text before it is gone.
Hit left a couple times and the stuff comes back.

Is that a bug?

Oh, I just found out it does it closing with clear, too. It didn't do that in b3.
Bug duplicated. Working on a fix.
There are problems (At least in Beta 3) with turning off the calc with ON. Here is a routine I cooked up that does that with debouncing. Smile

 ld a,2
 out ($10),a ;turn off screen
 call debounceon
 ld a,#00000001
 out (3),a ;only allow interupts with ON
 ld a,#00001101
 out (3),a ;allow any interupts
 ld a,3
 out ($10),a ;turn on screen
 in a,(4)
 bit 3,a
 jr z,debounceon
Oh, nice, calc84maniac. I was just coming to this thread to comment on that. I was thinking he could just have it turn off when the button is released instead of when it is pressed.
Foamy, is the problem still in Beta 4? If so, I'll implement this fix.
KermMartian wrote:
Foamy, is the problem still in Beta 4? If so, I'll implement this fix.

Yep. Just hold in on for a second or two. When you let go it will turn back on. It also just flashes if you hit on too quickly.
Fascinating, I'll definitely give calc84's fix a try then. Good catch, guys.,
If I run a basic program from DoorsCS, then press ON, then 2ND, it returns to DoorsCS with the run indicator on.
bfr wrote:
If I run a basic program from DoorsCS, then press ON, then 2<sup>nd</sup>, it returns to DoorsCS with the run indicator on.

Also, maybe you want it to be like this, but the calculator turned off while I was editing a cursor, probably because of APD. Shouldn't the calculator remain on though if I'm still pressing buttons (which I was)?

This isn't a big problem, but in the "About" section, it still says beta 3 instead of beta 4. And yes, I made sure that I downloaded DoorsCS beta 4 instead of beta 3. Wink
The 3 vs 4 numbering is a known issue, and I already fixed the BASIC run indicator dealio, but this ASU problem is a new one on me. Are you sure you didn't press [ON] by accident? As far as I remember ASU is disabled during cursor editing...

And a tidbit for you people:

It's nearly done; I just need to write a 3-byte integer --> ascii string routine to display bytes in/out next to that <-- --> icon.
Looks great! I'm using a TI-84+ Silver Edition, in case that helps. I can try to duplicate it, but I didn't think I pressed on. I might have though.

EDIT: I was unable to reproduce the bug.

EDIT AGAIN: The battery checker doesn't seem to work correctly though. Using the same batteries, it said that they were full, then partially full, then full again after opening DoorsCS a few times. Maybe my RAM being cleared has something to do with it because after I have just finished clearing my RAM, DoorsCS seems to tend to say that the batteries are full.
Clearing the RAM does indeed cause the battery meter to go wacky for about half a minute in my experience. And I think one other person has experienced that poweroff from the cursor editing, but as long as its a nondestructive fluke bug, I'm not too worried.
You are still going to try and fix it, right?
Probably not, unless I have some extra time or Chip feels like taking a look at it.
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