I apparently have too many programs (yet less than 256) and DCS is acting up. I think this is because the scrollbar thingy got too small. Could you please add overflow detection for that?
Gah, I thought I already fixed this twice. Can you describe it in more detail, post screen[y|ies], and/or send me a backup image of your calculator?
The backup image you have should work. It won't scroll down and the bottom-left icon is messed up.
Are you positive you're using the latest version? I've been using it with that plus a whole bunch of other programs I've added with no problems whatsoever.
Positive. However, I have more than 120 programs. (Unbelievable, isn't it?) Actually, quite a few of them are compiler files.
I have 16.5 pages..that's 6x16.5 = 99 programs, and I have no troubles. I guess I'll have to load some more proggies on. Razz
I think the problem is definitely with the scrollbar.
So can you describe for me precisely what "strange" happens other than the down button appearing obscured? Can you still scroll down? Do you encounter any freezes, crashes, or memory corruption?
I said that the bottom left icon was obscured, and that I couldn't scroll down. I haven't noticed any memory corruption...
you guys have way more programs than I do >.>
I usually have 1-4 that show up in DCS. Also usually 0-6 that start with the rand token. I used to keep more on so I could give games to other people, but now I keep them on my flashdrive and use msd8x to give them programs.
So calc84, can you send me an image of your calculator as it is now? I'd like it for debugging purposes, if you don't mind.
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