I need ASM and non-ASM assistance on a few issues. Anyone willing to put in an hour or two can probably knock out an issue or two. To wit:

[ ] Alpha/2nd still not debounced on close - can someone find out a good, non-slow way to debounce going back into the TI-OS?

[ ] Defragmenting.... problem - PLEASE PLEASE someone take this. Ask around on Revsoft, DetachedS, etc about what would cause an app to get deleted on quit. What RAM area would be written to, or what stuff might be incorrectly set on quit?

[ ] Alpha sorting - I'd love a quick, stable sorter. Anything would do.

[ ] the multilingual thing - if I make up a list of terms DCS uses, could someone find the translations in maybe Dutch, French, Spanish, German, and whatever else?

Kudos in advance - I want to finish all but debugging by the end of November so December can be for passing finals, final debugging, and finalization of documentation.
Post up the list of terms/etc and I will see about getting some translations of them. Smile

As to the rest... I think it is a bit beyond my abilities...
You could definitely do the second one - there's no technical knowledge needed there. Smile I'll edit this post and make a note in SAX with the word list in a few minutes.

Invalid Filetype
Missing Library
File Not Found
Not Enough Mem
Empty Desktop
Archive Error
BASIC Exec Error
Help and credits:
Your calc crashed or reset.
Preferences restored
Press [ENTER]
Error #
Quit Doors CS
Light < Contrast > Dark
Use safe driver
Enable gCn and Cn2
Launch DCS at startup
Enable background
Edit cursor
Open File
Save File As...
Backing up...
I will see what I can do, though no promises at the moment. Since xlibman left, I actually have to do something on omnimaga now, and I will be getting a ton (hopefully) of tutorials VERY soon from the calc.org project...

But, like I said, we shall see. Smile
Posted up my word list in the previous post. Any languages would be greatly appreciated.
What non-ASM things can I help out with.
swivelgames wrote:
What non-ASM things can I help out with.
Could you research or ask around on Revsoft, Detached, etc about either the TI-OS debounce issue or the app deletion on quit thing?
Sure. Sounds good Razz
swivelgames wrote:
Sure. Sounds good Razz
Word, I look forward to hearing what you find out.
To debounce: Bcall getcsc before quit. Kinda like putting getkey at the beginning of an MOS basic program to cancel out the keypress. Wink
I can make an effort to test out my VAT sorting that I made a while ago and debug it for use.
Calc84maniac: Thanks, that did it. Three issues to go.
The Tari: kindly do that, it would be much appreciated.
Swivelgames: what progress?
*bump* Sooooo.... how's everyone doing on this? I've been knocking down tasks on my to-do list:
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