I know I"m a newb but how do you do command to server in Block land like when trying to spawn Kerms tbm-KART2.
the key next to your 1 key (' and ~).
thx that is a big help those TBM tutorials are not much of a help.
Just a heads up, that key is used to open the console in basically every game that has a console for you to open - and has been since the Quake/Doom 1 days Very Happy.
Thx good to know if I ever play more online games I'll keep that in mind. WTf it isn't working? When I press the [~`] key nothing happens do you guys have any ideas what could be the issue?
You're pressing [shift][~], right?? Then, then command is:
commandtoserver('[the command]');
commandtoserver('[command]',[argument 1],[argument 2],...,[argument n]);
You need to press [shift] along with the ~ key? Huh, wouldn't have guessed that - you don't press [shift] for any other game that I've encountered that has a console...

Anyways, does the console have to be enabled first? Say some sort of --developer switch or the like?
It works for ME just pressing '~'.
Does it matter if I use right or left shift cuz nothing is working. Sad do i need to enable something or change a setting to use this because I press the [`~] button and nothing happens? yes I tried [alt]+[~] and [shift]+[~]
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