Hello, and welcome to my first (real) forum post!

While trying to make some programs on my calculator using the Celtic CE library, I got annoyed having to go to a list of all 83 det( variations to see the commands. Of course, this is a non-issue on PC with the docs open, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to have an on-calc program to display the functions.

This would be in TI-Basic, so nothing to fancy. I plan for it to display a list of all the functions names [e.g. 0:ReadLine()]. When [+] is pressed while the cursor is on a function, it will display the syntax and probably the errors.

I hope in the future to make this into an assembly program, so that something like [on]+[math] would open the menu, but that is currently out of scope.

I hope to post some pictures up once I get CEmu to work, but I'll keep you posted. Any suggestions are welcome.

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I mean, if this is a catalog for Celtic CE commands, you might as well use Celtic CE commands for the graphics. Unless you don’t want to have to look up the command numbers while making this Wink.
I plan to use Celtic CE heavily for this so that I have greater room on the screen to work with. I'm also using Source Coder 3 to make this, which will make it easier to look up the commands.
This would be helpful when I'm programming on calc so that I don't have to lug out my printed pdf everytime.
I have an image of the basic UI.

I want to keep it relatively simple and sleek. As you see, I'm going with a dark aesthetic. The main problem with this is if someone already has the 'dark mode' hex code active, meaning this program will pretty much be a flash bang. If you have any thoughts on this, that would be great.

Most likely, this screen won't be the initial one. The program will probably start on a page where you can select either error codes or commands, among other things probably.
I hope the image actually works.
Try imgur for sharing pics.
Calculatordream wrote:
Try imgur for sharing pics.
Thanks for the suggestion Very Happy . I’ll try that tomorrow.
Here's the image uploaded to imgur:

Looks good so far! I think it would be better with a space after the colons. These sorts of tools are always very useful Smile
I think it would be nice if the arguments/syntax were also displayed on this screen. Overall, looks good! A little cramped, but I think that’s fine for a catalog.

Tip: Use ShiftScreen() for scrolling so you don’t have to redraw the entire list every time you scroll one item off the screen.
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