Which version of Ms. Pac-Man should be added to the collection?
Master System
 60%  [ 3 ]
Game Gear
 40%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 5

Ever since I released Version 1.0 of Sonic 2 CE, I wanted to make a compilation of Sega ports for the TI-84+ CE. However, since I'm an uneducated fool who's rarely played any Sega games outside of Sonic, I instead decided to settle with porting games from a series that I'm an actual fan of, like Pac-Man.

I would've tried to just port one game, but since there's already a Pac-Man CE, (not to be confused with Championship Edition) making a compilation akin to Pac-Man Museum+ helps make it stand out. Unlike with Sonic 2 CE, I'm not starting this thread with nothing to show for it. Here's footage from the first game to be added to the collection, Pac-Man for the Game Gear!

Thanks to the Game Gear being near identical to the Master System, palettes and resolution aside, I was able to reuse Sonic 2 CE's renderer wholesale, allowing me to complete the entire port in just four days!

Since there's only one game included as of today, calling it a museum is a stretch. I'll release a beta when I add you-know-who. Until then, see you guys later!
This renderer seems powerful. Now I wonder what games could be ported...
I changed my mind about holding out a release until I port Ms. Pac-Man. Here's Beta 0.1 of Pac-Man Museum CE!

The biggest additions since the first post are a real menu you can choose a game from and 1/2 size mode for Pac-Man GG, which lets you play Pac-Man at a whopping 160x144 resolution.

The next game I'm going to add is obviously Ms. Pac-Man, but the SMS and Game Gear versions of it are two completely different ports. Because of that, I'll put which version I should port first to a vote. The game's resolution won't be a concern for the Game Gear version, so keep that in mind.
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