Over the past few days, I have been writing a version of graphx for Column-Major mode. This has benefits such as removing screen tearing, and making it easier to implement the hardware cursor.

To convert a graphx program to a graphy program, all you will have to do is to perform a find and replace of gfx_ to gfy_ and GFX_ to GFY_.

graphy is written in C and will wrap graphx functions when possible. While C does make it easier to implement graphy, it does come with the drawback of speed. It takes ~15 seconds to move across the screen in the graphy version of Oriam compared to ~2 seconds in the graphx version. Once every function has been implemented/wrapped, graphy can start being optimized in assembly.

Since graphy was coded in C, it could make it easier to port graphx programs to Windows/Linux. One of my own games that was written in C can be compiled for the ti84ce or Windows with the use of a few macros.

Currently, all v1-v4 graphx functions have been implemented except for triangles and polygons. My main focus at the moment is fixing bugs and clipping with the v1 functions, along with finding ways to optimize the code.

GitHub: https://github.com/ZERICO2005/toolchain/tree/add-graphy/src/graphy

A very nice initiative, well done Smile
Excuse my ignorance, but what does it mean to be column major, and how does it help with screen tearing and hardware cursor? Are there other benefits?
The ti84ce's lcd is actually a 240x320 lcd, but by default, its run in row-major mode to make it a 320x240 screen. This means that vram gets copied to the screen row by row while the lcd gets updated column by column, creating a diagonal screen tearing effect.

For a comparison, graphx is on the left (at 50% speed), and graphy is on the right (at 300% speed).
Oh, fantastic! Very much looking forward to the optimized version of this. Could be quite useful for raycasting endeavors.
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