In case it sounded weird what I mean Is like some one program Jace using ti asking so people how know Java can program son ti calculator please make it for ti 83 or 4

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Yes, it's possible to write an interpreter or even compiler for simple programming languages in TI-BASIC. Writing the tools for a "real" programming language (for example, a JVM for Java) in TI-BASIC would be prohibitively slow and/or surpass the maximum size of a BASIC program. In practice, only assembly (or on the TI-84 Plus CE family, C) would be worthwhile to use for a compiler or interpreter for real use.
I did write a Chip-8 emulator (or more accurately, CHIP-8 VM) in tibasic for the 84+ a few years back called C8SALT, but it's slow to the point of being completely unusable. TI-BASIC is not going to be fast enough to handle anything resembling a JVM at a usable speed.
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