I'm currently working on a TI-Basic Wordle program in which one player enters a word for the other to guess. The program uses Celtic-CE commands, so it won't work if you don't have it installed. (Download it here: bit.ly/CelticCE)

The program is nearly complete. There's one bug that I need to sort out; not sure how long that'll take, but I have plenty of class time to iron it out. Smile

I'll post the program here when it's complete.
Cool I wish I could do that I’m not good at programming
(I moved this to the more appropriate subforum for projects like this)

How did you choose to implement multiplayer? Is it between two calculators, or on one shared device? Also, I'd love to see screenshots!
@iPhoenix One shared device. I wish I could make it between two calculators, but that's far, far above my pay grade. As for screenshots, turns out the bug is pretty significant. The problem is, if the word is, for example, "slash," and you guess "sassy," the middle S will appear orange (it's supposed to be gray).
I'll post screenshots as soon as possible.
@Calcgamer696969 Thanks! As with anything, you can improve with a bit of practice. It's worth it!

I fixed the bug that I found in the program and am uploading the updated version now
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