So a few days ago I bought a ti 83 and it wasn’t working I tried every thing eventually I got it to work but o through Xton didn’t work and all typed comma. It doesn’t turn on I’ve tried everything can I please get help?
The key matrix sounds broken. You'll have to take it apart and find the broken circuit traces.
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I’ve taken it apart and nothing looks wrong when I get home I will take it apart and send you a picture. Ok?

Oh and when I Try to turn it on it flashes black screen and turns off

I’ve found when I pres on and then on again it does nothing but when I press 2nd on so turning it of then pressing on it flashes black again

I will be home around 4:30 central
Did liquid ever get on your calculator? Have the batteries ever corroded inside? Check the backup battery as well.

Do you have a multimeter? It's going to be basically impossible to figure out what exactly is broken unless you can spot the problem visually.
I do have a multi meter I took it apart it turned on at one point I saw it I don’t think it ever got wet internally but it did externally

Edit: These are pictures of my calculator:
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This symptom often is due to a failure of the coarse ribbon cable connecting the LCD and the calculator's mainboard: you can try to narrow down the problem by using a link cable (if this is a TI-83 Plus, the USB-to-2.5mm cord called the SilverLink) to see if TI Connect can view the contents of the calculator. If so, it's just an LCD problem; if not, it's likely a more pervasive and serious problem.
So if it is should I just get rid of it?
Calcgamer696969 wrote:
So if it is should I just get rid of it?
It's entirely up to you; I would certainly suggest trying to repair it, but everyone has a different level of skill (and patience) for repairs. Many of the things we've been discussing in this thread are fixable:
I bought a ti nspire cx cas II on Saturday
Calcgamer696969 wrote:
I bought a ti nspire cx cas II on Saturday
Did you intend to post this in this topic, or did you mean to post it in your topic asking what TI calculator you should buy?
I mean no but I was just saying
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