I may have taken a bit of a hiatus from my Portal project, but I've still been having fun with some other smaller playdate projects. I recently made a simple clock app inspired by this fractal clock demo.

I originally wrote it in Lua, but rewrote it in C for better performance. The entire app is just over 100 lines of C, and is on GitHub here. One fun thing I added is the ability to scrub through time with the crank. The clock makes some cool patterns and with the crank you can go back in time to see them better, or fast-forward in time to see other patterns. The other controls are up/down to adjust the level of recursion, and left/right to adjust the length modifier for the sub-clocks. Anything more than a recursion depth of about 8 and things start to turn into a slide show.

I put a download link on the playdate form post, and it should run on either the simulator (which is a free download from the dev site), or on real hardware.
This looks really good. Also good to see you back. Can Playdate programs be ported to a computer?
Any program can be ported with enough determination if it's open source. That being said the code for my clock is pretty trivial and would not be difficult to port. If you're just looking to run it on a computer though you can use the simulator that I linked to at the bottom of the original post.
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