They say April showers bring... calculator programs!? Sure, let's see 'em:

  • CEaShell: A Shell for the TI-84+ CE: RoccoLox Programs and TIny_Hacker have continued to bring features to their shell. Their latest update adds useful key shortcuts, such as binding your favorite programs to the number keys, and an updated dark mode.

  • Elite for the TI-84 Plus CE: New member euphory has begun work on a port of the classic computer game Elite to the CE. The port is already nearing completion, its graphics and open universe every bit as impressive as they were 40 years ago. Check out their alpha release on GitHub!

  • Generative Art Inspired by Interacting Fields: merthsoft has continued to develop and explore the capabilities of their gravity-simulating cellular automaton. Their lib now sports a 3D renderer, which you can see in action in the thread or on merth's YouTube channel.

  • KhiCAS is now available for Numworks calculators: parisse has released a port of their computer algebra system KhiCAS for the Numworks calculators, which you can install from their website (linked in the thread).
  • lwIP Library with ECM/NCM Drivers for the TI-84+ CE: ACagliano has released a public beta of their TCP/IP stack for the CE as a static library. He's worked tirelessly on a slough of drivers and network protocols, so be sure to show him some support in the thread.
  • Oxygen [C]: Alvajoy123's widget framework Oxygen has now entered alpha testing. With dozens of functions for creating GUIs, as well as companion tools for implementing file systems and notifications, this library is well worth considering for your next project.

  • Sonic 2 CE: A port of 8-bit Sonic 2 for the TI-84+ CE (WIP): grubbycoder has written a fantastic write-up about the many challenges of porting Sonic 2 for the CE. Everyone from the calculator newbie to the hardware guru can find something to learn, so be sure to read it on Medium.
  • TI-BASIC VS Code Extension: TIny_Hacker has added the ability to import and export 8xp files to their VS Code extension. He has also worked to incorporate syntax highlighting for TI-BASIC into GitHub's native editor, which is now live on the site. If you use VS Code, this extension is a must-have.
  • TI-Wars: linkjt9 has provided some enticing eye-candy for their flight simulator game, as well as some code optimizations. Check it out on GitHub!

  • tivars_lib_py Development Thread: kg583 has (finally) added explicit support for flash files to their Python library for interfacing with TI-83+ family files, rounding out the set of supported file types. The first proper release is on the horizon, so be on the lookout in the thread.
  • Train Simulator Controller: KermMartian's personal train simulator continues to develop, now armed with an improved CAN controller. This project is a wonderful adventure in tinkering with hardware, which you can follow along in the thread or on Kerm's blog.

  • Trapped CE Development Thread: AchakTheFurry has begun porting the classic monochrome calc game Trapped to the CE using Celtic. He's finished making a level editor, and is now beginning work on the main game. Check it out!

  • VYSION 2 CE: the ultimate CE shell: epsilon5 has released v0.2.9 of their featureful CE shell, with enhanced wallpapers and many new menu layouts. The quality of VYSION 2 never disappoints, so be sure to show your support.

That's all for April. The only completed project was KhiCAS for Numworks, so it automatically wins this month's poll. We'll see you again next month!
Congratulations to all these great projects from April, and thanks to kg583 for putting this month's PotM together! Given my history with shell development, I'm particularly pleased not only that shells continue to be a popular area of development, but that other people share my vision of window-oriented GUIs on calculators; keep up the good work.
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