Hello everyone!
I am currently trying to make an app for my fx-CG50 calculator. Could anyone give me some ideas or tools on how to begin doing this? How to do GUIs for the calculator? Recently through this website I downloaded doom on my calculator, and I'm really impressed... If it can run a game like that, surely it can run any basic static software.
I know you need to learn C, and that's not a problem by me. If anyone could just tell me the basics or where to begin with, maybe a skeleton/template project, anything really would help.
I'm sorry if this post was too long but thank you very much!
Personally I'd recommend starting with the Wiki: https://prizm.cemetech.net/Prizm_Programming_Portal/

The Programming portal gives a general overview of programming for the Prizm, and specifically I'd recommend the tutorials at the bottom of the page as a starting point.

Please have a search on these forums or let us know if you have any issues. If you are interested in more advanced resources once you start developing addons, have a look through the rest of the wiki or the Planet-Casio bible: https://bible.planet-casio.com/
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