To be honest, I don't know. Probably just add some images (eye candy), etc...
linkjt9 wrote:
I have a question, what should I put on a GitHub repo so people know about the game?

Source code?

The purpose of a GitHub repository is ideally to host source files and make contributing to projects easier (along with version control), not just general cloud storage. Though there really aren't any rules so I guess do what you want Razz

Program source and a README so people know how to use your program (maybe a screenshot or two in that) is a good structure. Your current repository looks fine, though fleshing out the README with more information on using the program could be a good thing to do.
Ok, thanks, I’ll do the suggested changes kinda soon, as an update, the Lodibg screen is more optimized, and there is a very long intro cutscene. In the works right now is a hanger and achievements, along with making the repo more detailed and bug fixing. Edit: the pause screen is so much faster now, thank you StephenM
Ok, everything is almost ready for v1.1, protons work, they are two shot, the hanger is almost ready, everything looking good, Problems as of now:
Adding in the sprites for the next couple levels
Adding in functionality for the hanger
In terms of sprites, I have created a tool to help with that if you want:
I created the sprite already, the only problem is I am to lazy to copy and paste the sprite I made into the code.
Hi, just thought I would share some of the game images because I haven't actually shown any of what the game looks like.

Oh wow, this actually looks really good!
looks cool, kinda reminds me of X-Wing 2. Does it run at a decent speed?
Yeah, I haven’t started optimizing it yet
I am rather curious as to how you draw fully filled shapes, since I have needed them on a few occasions.
I'll definitely have to try this. Any idea what the fps is?
On the drawing of shapes: for the entirety of the cockpit and background, it’s just the saved image, for the enemy starfighters I use point on with -10,10 x and -10,10 y dimensions
On the FPS: I use the recall pic function, so it’s a bit flickery, but it does run quite fast I’d have to actually calculate the FPS though.
Ok, update on building the game, most things are being optimized and bug tested, and the game itself is almost done. I might have to add a bit extra to the story before realsing it, but besides that, the game is fully functioning. The source code is up on git hub now, most things are in the game, and the FPS is pretty stacked as well. The actual release of the game should come in about a week, so keep your eyes peeled. Might add some quality of life changes like changing the colors just to make it more playable but other than that, it is in this final form. Very Happy
Ok, the game is ready in version, so check out the new release in the projects tab, it adds all of the promised updates and also makes it have a quicker run time. The update is officially out.
The name Eye in the sky reminds me of the game 'Endless Sky'
Yea, I actually came up with the version names based on the names of some jazz songs, Eye in the Sky by Allan parsons Project, and Sky High by Masaki Matsubara.
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