I've noticed when editing my profile that it's quite the hassle to do--this usually involves the actual editing process (which is fine for the most part), then finding a recent post that you made, using that to get to your profile, seeing the edits, then refreshing that profile tab until you get something that you like and/or looking at said post to view edits to your signature (which should really have a larger input field by default, by the way).

This would be vastly improved by a simple preview mode for the profile page. The button to access this would be at the bottom of the page, like this:

That button would just lead you to a preview page that looks like your profile page, maybe with a banner at the top that says something to the effect of "You're previewing your profile. Click [here] to make more edits or [here] to save." Additionally, it could have a preview of your signature as well--or maybe these could be split into two separate preview pages.

Anyway, this would be a change that would vastly improve the profile/signature editing experience.
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