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Hm.. i havent noticed calc getting unstable becouse of clock ..

And its up to ppl if they set the clock or not ..

if they do. its a nice feature.. if they dont.. the feature will be disabled and they dont bother Smile
Which is why I suggested it be a shell expansion (aka, a plugin), so that people can choose whether or not to even send it to their calc Smile
Good point Smile
Kllrnohj wrote:
Which is why I suggested it be a shell expansion (aka, a plugin), so that people can choose whether or not to even send it to their calc Smile
Exactly. All I need is for someone to write it...
Yeah, exactly where is the time stored on the 84's anyway? Confused
to be general... RAM...
You never know, it could be in the ports (Which would explain why it keeps counting while interrupts are disabled)
Likely RAM because it resets on RAM clears (KILL!)
Aren't ports also resetted when RAM clearing?
I think TI resets a lot of them upon ram clear... (Kill!)
*sigh* Does no one here refer to wikiTI?
http://wikiti.denglend.net/index.php?title=83Plus:Ports:45 wrote:

Port Numbers: 45h through 48h

Function: Clock Current Time Ports

These ports give the current time of the TI-84+'s clock.

For further information on the clock and its use, read the documentation for ports 40h and 41h-44h.
These four parts are arranged so the first port (45h) is the least significant byte in a 32-bit value, which gives the number of seconds after midnight, January 1st, 1997.

There was some discussion on DS a while back about something like this in TIOS with a hook. Problem is, it's very slow to recalculate the time, because you need to do several 32 bit divisions.
No reason you can't just have it do minutes instead of seconds, and just do the calculation a whole lot less Wink
32-bit division doesn't take THAT long, and it's not like it needs to be calculated every frame...
one cool thing that you could do is a shortcut to the shell like the on+apps for MOS
also perhaps you could add another button or two to the cut-paste-archive.... menu called cumulative copy or cumulative cut where it keeps track of all of the things you have cut/copied so far so that it is easier to organize the desktop. then when you paste it pastes everything you have cumulatively copied so far. and when you are doing the cumulative... the little menu stays open, so to undo it all you just exit the little menu
yeah... drag and drop ability pl0x.
Drag and Drop would be nice Smile
Another suggestion would be to unarchived subprograms when you run the main program if this isn't already there Question
Drag and drop is on the list for a future version. Unarchiving subprograms is already implemented.
How do I use this:?: Example code please Very Happy
TheStorm wrote:
How do I use this:?: Example code please Very Happy
Sure, here you go:
I saw this but can I get some explanation on what zsub1 etc. means Question
is that the name of the sub programs
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