Day 8 of the Twelve Days of PotY! We've made our way to the end of summer 2023, rapidly catching up to the present but with many good projects still to share along the way. Here's what Cemetech's members worked on in August 2023.
  • CALCCIV - Port of Civilization for the TI-84+ CE: BattyBest shows us some new game generation progress for CALCIV, the port of Civilization for the TI-84+CE.

  • First Fantasy II: Pok√©walrus (Magenta version): DJ Omnimaga has made some impressive progress in both the Turquoise and Magenta versions of First Fantasy II: Pok√©walrus, including releasing them into the wild! An ambitious and colorful RPG with lots of features and much to discover! Dive in and get yourself a walrus today!

  • mini-utils: A minimal set of minimal x86_64 Linux utilities: clevor announced mini-utils, a learning project with the goal of recreating Linux utility tools in assembly. So far there's cat, mkdir, touch, rm, rmdir, as well as some initial support for flags passed in.
  • Modding my CE w/ Backlight, Speaker, and Wireless Charging!: TheLastMillennial has replaced the voltage driver in favor of a voltage regulator and heat sink combination to keep a consistent brightness on the backlight, even at low battery! Check out the thread for more technical details than I'm capable of understanding!
  • Oinkventure - Silly adventure game(?) [TI-BASIC 84+ CE]: BattyBest has announced Oinkventure, a swine-based adventure game in BASIC for the 84+ CE.

  • RPN83P: RPN calculator for TI-83+ TI-84+ inspired by HP-42S: bxparks has created RPN, a reverse Polish notation calculator app has an assembly learning experience. It features a traditiaionl 4-level RPN stack, support for all math functions with dedicated buttons on the 84+, a hierarchical menu system, and various mathematical modes.
  • SD card reading on HP Prime.: matalog has created a USB file transfer program for the HP Prime. Using an Arduino as a USB host and connecting an SD card reader do the Arduino, you can transfer files up to 512BK from the SD card to the Prime.
  • A Shmup for fx-CG50: slyVTT has announced work on Shmup, a shoot-'em-up for the fx-CG50. Shmup features smooth 30fps old school gameplay, lots of active sprites on screen, and multiple shooting modes. A boss has also been implemented to further enhance the game! The focus is working on engine right now, with more gameplay features to come.

  • Spriter, a TI-BASIC sprite / icon editor for the TI-84+ CE: TIny_Hacker releases Spriter, a TI-BASIC sprite editor for the 84+CE. Spriter is an easy to use sprite editor using either the xlibc or OS color palettes. It supports sprites of size 1x1 all the way up to 128x128. A useful tool for anyone making BASIC games for their 84+CE.

  • TInyAuth - A keyfile-based auth service for the TI-84+ CE: ACagliano has made some minor and some significant changes to TInyAuth. Minor improvements include better UI and communication with the end user, as well as important changes for security and flood protection. A major update include 2FA support using TOTP, tested against FreeOTP and Google Authenticator.
  • tivars_hexfiend_templates Development Thread: A Tcl template created by LogicalJoe for use with HexFiend, a MaxOS hex editor. Using this template, you get a powerful tool to view and edit TI variable files from every non-Nspire TI graphing calculator!

  • tivars_lib_py Development Thread: kg583 announced pre-release (v0.7.3) of tivars_lib_py, a python library for manipulating TI variable files. This version includes appvar support and updated metadata sections, as well as using a standardized version of the Token sheets.

Spriter was the only project newly completed in August 2023, so it automatically advances to the Projects of the Year 2023 poll. But be sure to check out the projects above anyway!
Enjoy another month of great projects from Cemetech's members: no poll this month, but still plenty of impressive projects to try. And of course a big thanks to Merthsoft for putting August 2023 together.
I removed the flags months later in mkdir, rm, rmdir, and touch not to save size, but because I didn't use them to the point that I forgot to test the flags. I then ripped them out because I wasn't going to use them anyway.
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