What was the best completed project of April 2023?
AOS-GUI: a cross-platform shell for modern computers
 45%  [ 10 ]
Ludo - Game for the TI-84 Plus CE
 54%  [ 12 ]
Total Votes : 22

Happy Holidays! Let's take a look back at what Cemetechians were up to during the very merry April 2023.

  • AOS-GUI: a cross-platform shell for modern computers: nanobot567 has completed their desktop shell, providing a new, tailored look for whatever OS you might have running underneath. Check out their "programming playground" for yourself on GitHub!

  • Banchor II: Curse of the Hellspawn (TI-84+CE): JamesV has continued work on their stellar CE RPG, implementing detailed character creation, as well as new options for inventory management. James is well-known for his graphical tours de force, with Banchor II being no exception.

  • CryptX - Cryptography Bundle for the CE: ACagliano has released v12.0 of their cryptography library, adding a Galois Counter mode to the AES API. This project continues to deliver robust means of cryptography for the CE, which you can see for yourself in the thread and on GitHub.
  • Ludo - Game for the TI-84 Plus CE: ZebraVogel has written the classic board game Ludo for the CE. Their implementation of this Pachisi-style game is slick and easy to play; check it out in the archives!

  • Oxygen [C]: During their hiatus, Alvajoy123 continued work on their graphical library for the CE, and has now released two of its main components, the file and notification systems, as separate libraries. Both are feature-rich utilities you can use in your next project, and both are on GitHub for you to try.

A short one for April, but be on the lookout for the summer's slough of fantastic projects. And, as always, vote in the poll for this month's best completed project.

Editor's note: With 2023 drawing to an end, we will be speed-running the missing 2022 and 2023 Projects of the Month posts to catch up to the present. We're calling this Twelve Days of PotY, Day 1. Get ready, and hold on to your hats and calculators!
Who's ready to catch up to the present in our Projects of the Month polls? We have a lot of these lined up, so let's get started today with April 2023. Check out the completed projects from this month and get your vote in!
Nice job to all the people who worked projects this month Smile
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