My first contest... a screensaver... funny how I've kind of made two of them already...

  • A chandelier with flickering candles (perhaps the number of candles are configurable)
  • A fireplace
  • An overhead view of an airport, with airplanes taking off and landing on whichever runway parallels the windsock
  • A jack-in-the-box
  • A music box playing "My Grandfather's Clock" (perhaps with a jumpscare when the music box stops on exit?)
  • A closeup view of a boiling pot of soup

I don't know if I'll actually have time to finish any one of these... we'll see, I guess, how much time I'll get to work on this after a couple hours of commuting to work and back.
I've picked the chandelier idea. After all, Candledark might as well go and makes some lit candles in the dark...

I realize that this is going to be more complicated than I originally thought. The wax dripping is going to be more frames than the flame... I'll probably have to animate the body of the candle and the flame separately. Oh well Rolling Eyes
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