Pick one!
Midlife Crisis - Hot_Dog
 5%  [ 1 ]
WEB1999 - Tari
 31%  [ 6 ]
 5%  [ 1 ]
Oldschool demo - slyVTT
 26%  [ 5 ]
Road to Nowhere - TIny-Hacker
 5%  [ 1 ]
CE Casino - ryanconmartians
 5%  [ 1 ]
Dream of Omnimaga
 0%  [ 0 ]
Cemetech Screen Saver - Alvajoy123
 21%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 19

An important part of Cemetech contests is the community vote, where Cemetechians (like you!) can add your voice and influence the winners. We ask you to test out the entries, pick the one you think is most creative and makes the best use of the platform it's written for. Of course, if you're comparing a TI-BASIC program for the TI-83 Plus and a Unity program for a PC, weigh your judgments accordingly. We ask only that you please actually try the programs before voting, rather than voting based on the threads alone. Thank you, and happy screensaving!

"Midlife Crisis" by Hot_Dog (Thread)

WEB1999: an Internet Simulator by Tari (Thread)

Calculatordream by Calculatordream (Thread)

oldschool demo on fx-CG50 by slyVTT (Thread)

Road to Nowhere by TIny-Hacker (Thread)

The CE Casino by ryanconmartians (Thread)

Dream of Omnimaga by DJ Omnimaga (Thread)

Cemetech Screen Saver by Alvajoy123 (Thread)
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