Hello everyone!

I would be interested in knowing if it would be possible to add custom tokens (such as symbols, functions, items) in the catalog such that they can be added to other menus and can have custom functionality.

For example, adding a "Confetti(" function that when typed and evaluated, causes the screen to rain down rainbow pixels. (For comedic effect).

The real reason is, I want to find out if it is possible to add custom functions related to CAS (for fun) or really any other math function and have it work seamlessly with the TI-OS as opposed to being entered in a separate app-exclusive screen. (NB: I am not planning to, nor am I anywhere near capable of developing a CAS, so please don't comment on this further as this isn't mainly the point, this was just the idea that initially inspired this.)

I am aware that I will likely need experience with ez80, and I have already tried to acquaint myself to this assembly language, although I haven't done much useful with it. I think I have what it takes if that is necessary.

I also know that I will likely need to insert many hooks in different parts of the OS, the only issue is I have no idea where or how I should do this, so any pointers would be appreciated.

In all likelihood, this project is going to be abandoned pretty quickly due to its ambitious nature, but any help would be appreciated regardless.

Thank you for reading!

(P.S the calculator I am devloping for is the TI-83 Premium CE Python Edition)
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