we shall see. I still need to get my calc though. Sad
Neutral Sad Surprised Bad Idea
Don't worry, I'll be able to judge. I have my calc and cable ready and waiting. Don't forget, only 9 hours to go!
I have submitted my program! It won't go into the archives until I release the complete engine, so if anyone wants a copy of what I submitted, just tell me and I will email you.

@Harq: I doubt it because the program is not complete.

Just so everyone knows, here is a copy of the readme:

There are two ways to adjust the speed of the game, adjusting how many

spaces in front you can see, and whether or not a map is made of the

area as you explore it.  Turning the map off speeds the program up

noticeably, as does lowering the sight (I recommend 4; there isn't much

difference in 4 and 5).  Press [MODE] to change the settings.

Currently, the graphics look good in a maze like area, but I tested

using open rooms, and they do not look as good, so the program has

partway adjusted for that.  You can only see people, doors, and items

from your left or straight ahead (that part has not been added the


To Play:
Simply run pgrmCSHIP1, which contains the map data for the first

section of the ship in KOTOR and walk forward or backward using the up

and down arrow keys, respectively.  Use the left and right arrow keys

to change direction, indicated by the number in the upper left corner

of the screen (in case you forget).

Press [ALPHA] to view the area you have explored, if that feature is

available and scroll with the arrow keys.

To make your own maze:
Simply create a string containing the map and input R as the width of

the screen, then run pgrmPRGWALK.  Also put A and B as the starting


It is fairly self explanatory, but to talk to a person, press second in

front of them.  Then, to choose something to say, either press the

corresponding key, or select an option with the arrow keys and press

Contest over!!!!

How many people have participated this time?
Fallen Ghost wrote:
Contest over!!!!

How many people have participated this time?
There are three complete entries in the contest inbox:

>> You, Fallen Ghost
>> Harq
>> b-flat
cool then. Will have to download (as my new calc came in today!!!).
Surprised we need more people for the next contest =\
Heh, I'll enter the next one. But for now, I cant wait to see the entries.
i would have joined but 3d aint in my bag of tricks.
Wasn't in my bag either until I heard of this: tutorial
Rivereye: I'm just about ready with my scores. IM me some time today.
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